10 Sustainable Products And Brands I'm Trying In 2020

10 Sustainable Products And Brands I'm Trying In 2020

Ok, let me start this off by saying... I am not an expert! My crazy proplanet ideas all started last year when I made two decisions. One, I wanted to make The Fuzzy Bee more nature/environment friendly. I've talked a little bit about that last year on the blog. Two, I wanted to take a small step to stop using plastic ziploc bags. 

The first week of doing this was REALLY freaking hard! Slowly over time, I got used to usng plastic containers and making the effort paid off. It took six months but we finally cut the cord and it feel amazing on the other side. The sensation of not throwing away plastic ziplocs every couple days is amazing! It was such a good feeling, I decided to expand my sustainable and more environmentally conscience kitchen, home, and beauty items. Here are some of the things I am thinking about tackling for 2020! Do you guys have any products you're thinking of switching over to this year? Let me know!  


1. Kitchen/Cleaning Supplies by The Bower Collective 

I found this company back in Janiary when I did a deep dive into some alternative solutions for being nature friendly in my cleaning supplies. The Bower collective provides a subscription service to your door. Buy their glass jar storage and then set up how often you want your refills to come. I've selected 3 months as it takes me that long to go through most bottles. You can then send back your plastic pouches for them to refill and be used again.  


Sustainable Products We're Trying In 2020

2. Beeswax Covers

I've been meaning to try beeswax wraps for FOREVER and they are the first thing I invested in this year when I started upgrading our food containers and wraps.

I'm really excited to use these and see if they live up to all the hype. From covering sandwiches, veggies, and more, these bad boys are supposed to be amazing to keep ziploc use down.    


3. Seltzer Water Maker

Adam and I gifted a Soda Stream to each other for Christmas! It has been a total game changer in how much plastic we use. 

I will say this is our shamefu, non envionmental must have in the house and we drink a lot of sparkling water. At the same time, I wanted to make sure we could drink sparkling water while not using 900 small plastic bottles every week. The Soda Stream has been amazing and one gas chamber lasts 9 weeks! I feel so much better about our plastic usage and am loving the change!  



4. Silicone Lid Covers

In addition to beeswax covers, I'm eventually going to snag some silicone covers. Adam and I make a lot of food in the home so I am wanting these for leftovers or spare veggies in the kitchen. I'm hoping they help when I run out of plastic containers!


5. Reuseable Zip Locks

When Adam and I did our 'no plastic bag' experiment last year, we quickly realized it IS SUPER HARD. There are some produce and grain products that are really nice to store in bags. I had no idea that silcone, washable plastic bags existed so I am moving us over to these for when we MUST HAVE a ziploc! 


6. Mesh Bags for Produce

One of the things that is crazy about living in the UK is how much produce is covered in 2-3 layers of plastic!

It is getting better but I am planning on shopping at a couple new zero waste markets here in Glasgow that don't wrap their produce. I am snagging some mesh bags up so I can limit what we are supporting in plastic.


7. Reusable Period Products

There are a couple products on this list that I am going to take some time to get to because I need to convince myself it's the way of the future! 

I'm looking for any advice you have here! But it is something I am learning about I I definately want to look into more options for period and women's health products. 


8. Natural Deoderant 

This is probably going to be the hardest one for me! I am super paranoid about using new skin products because I have so many issues but I am taking the plunge. I'll be doing some research into what will work for me and I am excited to make some beauty changes that are better for the environment this year. 


9. Shampoo and Conditioner by Soaked 

I'm most excited to try out Soaked this month! I've tried a shampoo bar and I wasn't that into it and it made my shower a mess. So I am trying something new with soaked who sends you a glass bottle and refillable pouches! 


Sustainable Products We're Trying In 2020

10. Recyled Toilet Paper 

I've officially moved Adam and I over to Who Gives A Crap, it's a toilet paper company, not me swearing! I really like that they publish an impact report and dontate money to those in need. So for now, I am trying it out and will let you know how it goes!


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  • Posted by Mariam on

    I loved the list! I will try to add these products into my daily routine as well. If the toilet paper doesn’t work out though I’ve recently invested in a bidet that attaches to your toilet. There’s cheaper ones out there like the Tushy or splurge ones.

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