10 Ways To Revamp Your Office Space

10 Ways To Revamp Your Office Space

I keep turning to Adam and saying 'NEW YEAR. NEW ME!'. I mean that in the best way possible. I don't plan to totally change who I am (no one panic!). I really just love opportunities to take a look back and see what worked, what was awful, and mash that all up with our new ideas for the year.

January at Fuzzy Bee HQ also means coming out with our NEW wholesale catalog, creating new lines, and coming up with all of the content for the year. I LOVE this time of year but I also become terrified and a bit overwhelmed of everything I've decided to do. January is like....holy smokes, I gotta make it happen in 2019. EEK! 

I feel like everyone else must also be going through this with their business, life, work?! I find the best way for me to tackle the year (month, or week!) is to sometimes do a little office refresh! From a new paint job to restructuring your organizational system, having a revamp is the best way to feel like you are IN IT TO WIN IT. 

Here are some of the things we are doing this year to get on track!

1. Start with a fresh coat of paint. 

There is something special about just starting fresh that I love. Over Christmas, I moved into our larger guest space and used it as my office for the Christmas season as there was so much packing and shipping I needed to do. I had this fabulous idea to paint my office a nice raspberry color. Let's just say, it is AWFUL. Lol! I am writing this as we speak from my dark pink office and it just sucked all of the light out of the room. Not to mention, I work from Glasgow, Scotland. So there was limited sunlight during this period of the year anyway.

It ended up being a very dark and hilariously sad Christmas packing season! So I am starting fresh in January. NEW YEAR. NEW PAINT! I'll be re-painting it the light 'white milk' color it was before and bring back all the magical natural light I need. It's the best way to make a space feel new and fresh. It will make it feel exciting to work in again!


Fuzzy Bee Office Picture    

2. Make the space all about you. 

What do I mean by 'make the space all about you?' Sometimes I think we can get bogged down with clutter or being surrounded by our own work (if you're a creative). A space needs to inspire you!  

I'm doing this by re-framing some of the artwork I have in my office and making sure they are pieces that inspire me. I sometimes hate being surrounded by tons of my own work and I love filling my office with MY favorite illustrators, mentors, and knick-knacks I find inspiring. It helps my creative process and keeps me happy.

Never fear! I wouldn't just suggest this and then not help you out! We have one of our new freebies (that I love!). It's part of our own pack of goodies to help you get your office #organized and looking fab! Get your new office art print here!


Fuzzy Bee Freebie Art Print

3. Re-organize what isn't working.

I have a habit of leaving storage containers and closets in a 'messy' state for no reason. What I've realized is that us usually means the organizational boxes or set up just is working for me. I'm not lazy, I want things to be clean, but the storage just is not working for me. So I am doing a total re-do of storage. For me, this is the closet in my office. It's always FILLED with card stock, photo props, and wrapping that gets everywhere. 

Go to Target or Ikea and plan out a solution for the storage you've been refusing to deal with. It will be a game changer. Don't worry, I'm right there with you in spirit. 

4. Clean out your computer files.

I know. I just suggested something cray. I've been avoiding uploading and organizing my files on my computer for months. I use Dropbox to back up my computer and I sort all of my card lines and product photography by year and season. I have this sort of done of my computer but is any of it backed up? Um, no. It's so bad!  I am taking the bull by the horns and doing it! Enough said.


Fuzzy Bee Freebie Blog Post

5. Get a calendar.

I have a couple different calendars that I swear by to keep me organized. Adam and I used our Google Pixel's for things like travel and keeping our holidays organized at the same time.

However, I am a big fan of old-school paper calendar systems. I am a super visual person, so I find having a full family calendar of day to day items, Fuzzy bee stuff, and family events gives me a quick glance overview of my month/year. 

I've created my personal calendar and made it available as part of our newsletter freebie! You can download the whole thing and your free print (see above!) as part of the same pack. We'll be doing a blog in a couple weeks on how to print and use the calendar. So keep a look out for that as well! 

 Fuzzy Bee Freebie Nlog

6. The dreaded weekly shop made easy. 

I'm pretty intense about the weekly shop! I find that when I do one big shop a week, it keeps Adam and I on budget financially, and it also means we always have something to eat in the house. Every week I sit down and make a list of 5-7 meals, some staples and some new. I also factor in that we share the meal making in the house. I have a mixture of meals we each would be making.

For a long time, I was writing down the shop on scrap paper. I got a bit fancy and finally made myself a weekly shop list! I am sharing it here for you to download and start using right here! It's honestly my favorite freebie so far.   

7. Step up your pin game. 

One of the best things I have in my office is a pinboard. But like, a straight classy one. It's one of the most helpful ways to keep small little papers and stray inspiration in one place. I keep checks, pictures, quotes, ornaments, gallery postcards, and more all tacked up! It's a great way to keep some pretty cool memories together. My pinboard has been going since college, so it's filled with some cool stuff. 


Fuzzy Bee Freebie Blog Post

8. Get a nice chair. Trust me.

A nice chair can make or break if you are working from home or using your office regularly. A bad chair can cause some serious issues and back pain. 

We also live in an age where you don't need to sacrifice design for comfort! My chair is from Ikea! You can check my office chair here.


Fuzzy Bee Freebie Post

9. Set some goals. 

When I sat down a couple weeks ago, I knew I wanted to make some amazing freebies for you guys. I also wanted them to be useful all year long to use for your business, side hustle, or personal life. 

I've always been super futuristic and found goal planning a really useful activity to set some goals for the year and how you are going to reach them. Physically writing these goals down is proven to help actually achieving them. So we created our goal planning sheets that you can download as part of our freebie pack. Did we think of everything? I hope so!  

10. And then set some smaller goals. 

Now that you've set some goals, your office is painted, you have a super cute chair, and TONS OF FREEBIES! We have one more. Planning my week is super important. I like walking into my office each day with a game plan. So I usually take my big goals, above, and make them into monthly, small goals.

I use Trello to track and check things off while I working on the computer. Again, I also find writing stuff down helps me absorb it much better. So I also use my Bando planner and planner sheets if I am going to be working away from the office or I'm doing photo shoots somewhere. And yes, we have some you snag RIGHT HERE! 


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