12 Small Business Tools I Can't Live Without!

12 Small Business Tools I Can't Live Without!

It's been a little while since I FULLY updated you fellow makers and shakers with some of the tools I use daily!

Running a small business is FREAKING HARD! And while we're all rising and grinding every day, I think it's nice to stop and learn from each other every once in a while. Some of the best tools I used are from other makers who shared their favorite tools and why they LOVE THEM! So without further delay here are the 12 tools I use to keep Fuzzy Bee land running! 


1. Later 

I started using about 2 years ago to plan and plot my social media. I've been pretty open about the fact that I find social media stressful! has been a HUGE help in keeping me sane! It allows you to plan your Instagram posts in advance and gives you insight to your audience.

I primarily use the tool to schedule my content, product, and launch posts. This means I am free to add in extra posts when I want but my head isn't always buried in my phone. For the holiday I just went on, I was able to schedule 4 weeks of content so I could focus on my VACATION and not the business while I was away!   


2. Buffer 

 Buffer is a wonderful social media tool to plot and plan facebook, twitter, and other social media. It's one of the more affordable options on the market so if you're wanting a cheap way to plan multiple accounts this is perfect and it's how I first dipped my toe into planning my marketing. 

I use Buffer for my facebook posts. I am on the lower plan and I can schedule out 100 posts in advance. It's super wonderful for launching products or blog posts in advance!


3. Haute Stock

We all have those days where we HAVE NO IDEA what to post! Or those days where you need cute stock photos of coffee, the office, food, etc.

Haute Stock is a wonderful tool for your business. they have hundreds of stock photos and they release new collections every Monday!  You pay for three months up front and the world is your oyster!


4. Place It 

If you sell t-shirts or apparel Place It is a fabulous and easy tool to use for t-shirt mockups. I sue a combination of real models and t-shirt mockups in the shop. I also use Place It for some of my other mockups like mugs! It is a fabulous tool and you can get full access to everything for $29! 


5. Creative Market

I've been using creative market since I opened my business sin 2012. It has fabulous mockups, templates for product magazines, social media templates, fonts, holiday mockups and SO MUCH MORE! Obviously, I use it primarily for the mockups but it is a huge website with so much on. 

Recently I used it to create my email lead magnet and it was easy and awesome. Go take a peek and see if there is something for you. 


6. Canva

This is another tool I honestly couldn't live without. I used Canva to make all of my Pinterest Pins, some Instagram posts, email marketing, packaging design, and more! My life has become 10x easier since having Cava in my life. It's one of my favorite tools to use and it is super easy if you are not tech savvy! 


7. Pinterest

I'll say it a hundred times! If you are NOT using Pinterest as a small business YOU NEED TO. There are a ton of online classes you can take to teach you about how to pin, how to get engagement on your pins, and direct traffic to your shop! It is the most important marketing tool I use for The Fuzzy Bee and I put zero money into it. I also use Pinterest for personal use so it's not just a business platform! 


8. Tailwind

I used Tailwind to schedule all of my Pins. If you are like WHOAH, WHOAH! Who schedules their pins?! Yes, all of my Pins are scheduled out each day and optimized to drive traffic to my Pinterest boards and my shop.

Tailwind is not for the faint of heart and it took me a bit to get the hang of it. I do recommend finding a class (as I mentioned above) to teach you what you should be pinning and why! Invest in your business to grow! Tailwind is a wonderful tool and is perfect for people ready to take the next step. 


9. LinkTree

I used LinkTree on my Instagram to guide people to different parts if my shop. It is a great way to keep links to your newsletter, blog, and more available when people are going to your shop link via the gram!


10. Dropbox

This is another tool that I have been using since I started the business. I back up all of my designs and marketing with Dropbox and they have served me very well over the years! If you don't have a way of saving your files THE TIME IS NOW!


11. MailChimp

I'm still trying to get better at doing my email marketing consistently. MailChimp is perfect for me. I use MailChimp to automate my welcome emails to the shop, for the weekly newsletter, and for my landing page. 

Although they no longer have an integration with Shopify, I am happy to stay with them as I haven't found another service who has such an easy drop-in design. 


12. Quickbooks

I used Quickbooks for Small Business to do all of my finances. I am TERRIBLE at doing my finances and Quickbooks makes it easy for me to insert receipts and details which I try to do monthly. If you have yet to just have a way to track your finances I highly recommend them and have been using them without any issues for three years.  


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