15 Products I'm Lovin For Autumn!

15 Products I'm Lovin For Autumn!

Spoiler alert! MY favorite season is totally HERE! I see autumn coming a mile away and I go crazy with the anticipation of pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and all those beautiful colors. 

This year I am trying to celebrate all that is fall! I've already booked our tickets to go to the local pumpkin patch. It's a total novelty here in Scotland, so I have to book in advance to even make sure we get a spot in the car park! Crazy, I know. In the US, I lived four miles away from the local farm and could go grab them whenever I wanted. I've also prepper my outdoor fire pit and I am so ready for some late backyard fires, port, and a cozy tartain blanket! It is gonna be SO GOOD! 

I'm also celebrating some incredible makers and small businesses that I've rounded up for the season! For me, autumn is all about celebrating beautiful colors and a boho vibe. These are some of my favorite products that are perfect for that super cute fall outfit or will make your house feel (and smell) like fall is here! 

1. Bee Fierce Women's Tee (£23.00)

Our new tees are finally all up on the site and they are PERFECT for all your fall celebrations. There are super cute boho tees, Halloween tees, and YES, some mommy + me tees! This is one of our new favorites and its a little bee love, boho, and feminist fierce all wrapped into one! 

The Fuzzy Bee: Autumn Product Roundup!

2. Feminist Script Nameplate Necklace by Rock N Rose (£29.00)

I fell in love with this necklace the moment I saw it. What I love about all the pieces at Rock N Rose is that you can mix and match everything and stack your pieces. This feminist necklace is the perfect way to rock our your girl power!

Autumn Roundup: Feminist Necklace

3. Pumpkins in Neutral Fabric by Love Little Nell (£6.95)

Nothing screams autumn quite like some gorgeous pumpkins. I am totally obsessed with these cuties. They are the perfect and neutral way to decorate for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

Autumn Roundup: Neutral Pumpkins

4. Autumn Equinox Handmade Crystal Soy Candle by Equinox Beauty (£10.00)

I love to fill the home with scents of cinnamon and pumpkin! When I found this candle I knew I had to include it as it's described as a 'magical autumn blend of crisp apple, warming frankincense and spicy cinnamon.' I AM ALL IN! 

Autumn Roundup: Candles

5. Pumpin Print by Abbie Imagine (£7.50)

This print is SO cute for a kids room or kitchen print! I love all of the adorable types of pumpkins and the little Jack-o-lantern! This cute print could stay up all autumn long!

Autumn Roundup

6. Mustard Tassel Earrings by Sacred Sacred Sacred (£51.16)

I am total sucker for boho earrings and these are simply fabulous. They are also the perfect burnt yellow to pair with a chunky sweater and some boots. Just sayin :) 

Autumn Roundup

 7. Pumpkin Pie Candle by Lindsay Lucas Candles (£6.99) 

I might have a candle problem! In my house, you can never have too many. This is a super chic and lovely pumpkin candle that would light up the home with that fall perfect fall scent!

Autumn Roundup

8. Be Curious, Not Judgemental Walt Whitman Art Print (£20.00+)

Also part of the new autumn line I'm launching (officially!) this Wednesday! I love the colors of this new print and it makes the perfect companion for some of our new boho hangings or other autumn decor. 

The Fuzzy Bee: Autumn Roundup

9. Blended Hydrangea Wreath by Home Hearth Garden (£82.72)

I am always on the hunt for the perfect wreath. I switch mine out with the seasons. I fell in love with the craftsmanship and wreaths from Home Hearth Garden. There is some front door envy happening over here. 

Autumn Roundup

 10. Plus Acorn Pillow by Laura Frisk (£15.01)

I have been a Laura Frisk fan for a long time! Her woodblock pillows are always on my favorites list. And how cute is this acorn?! 

Autumn Roundup

 11. The Soopascarf in Crisp Autumn Leaves by Yokoo (£144.96)

I own a million scarves and I have a problem. When I looked at this beauty I FELL IN LOVE. I also always love the work of Yokoo. Such a wonderful investment piece that comes in this gorgeous autumn umber. 

Autumn Roundup

 12. Pine Cone Earrings by Poppy Kitten Designs (£9.00)

Look at these cuties! These simple pine cone earrings are beautiful and make a super cute piece to wear all year long. 

Autumn Roundup

13. Single Painted Wooden Vase by Shadeon Shape (£9.59)

I love these wooden vases and they come in so many gorgeous fall colors. You can mix and match or pick your favorite! 

Autumn Roundup

 14. Day's Done Evening's Begun Glass Decanter by The Happy Makehouse (£16.96)

You know those outdoor fire pits I mentioned? This adorable decanter is fabulous for any whiskey or port to serve around the fire. Just add the flames and a couple of glasses and it's the PERFECT autumn evening. 

Autumn Roundup

15. Textured Cuff Ring by James Michelle Jewelry (£72.00 +)

I found James Michelle on Instagram and I love the boho modern vibe to the shop! I've been looking for stacked necklaces and ring that screamed me and I'll definitely be making a purchase of this amazing cuff ring soon. 

The Fuzzy Bee: Autumn Product Roundup

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