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15 Trendy Halloween Products We Are Loving This October

Tis the season for all things spooky! It's finally autumn and all of our favorite holidays are coming. We're starting with our ultimate favorite, HALLOWS EVE!!!

For us, Halloween is like Christmas and we should all be decorating on that level. On a recent trip to the USA, Adam was totally amazed by how Americans go ALL OUT for Halloween. So I am kicking up my game this year and doing lots of Halloween DIY, decor, and foods to celebrate the season. I'm so excited to kick it all off with some amazing 'must have' products from fabulous sellers all around the globe! 

15 Halloween Products We Love - The Fuzzy Bee

 1. 'By the Pricking of My Thumb' Art Print by The Fuzzy Bee

One of our new and fabulous spooky prints is up in our Halloween shop! Think witchy, snake, coven vibes all over. It makes the perfect Halloween decor for the trendy home.  

2. Witch Hat by Spirit Parade

We're totally obsessed with Spirit Parade's amazing animal masks. We even used them in our wedding. So this fabulous witch hat was always going to make the list. 

3. Hocus Pocus Tote Bag by Illustrated Identity

You always need a seasonal tote bag. What better way to celebrate the season than with a Hocus Pocus tote for your prosecco run!

4. Black Feather Cape by For Just One Day

We love Halloween costumes that double as every day femme fierce outfits. This cape is so extra, lux, and fashionable. Let's just wear it every day?! 

5. Halloween Cake Topper by The Paper Fox CA

For those of you throwing a Halloween bash, this is the PERFECT little cake topper! So bake that cake you've been pinning and throw a party. 

6. Bat Pillow by The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company  

We love Halloween decor that goes with our home! Annnd Halloween doesn't always need to be orange. So we're loving our new mix and match throw pillows for the season, including Mr. Bat below! 

7. Witch Better Have My Candy by Dixie and Twine 

For those of you who have read our other roundups, you know we LOVE Dixie and Twine. This fun banner is no exception and it's filled with witchy fun! 

8. Sugar Skull Cake Toppers by Banzi Balloons

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some sugar skull vibes! These trendy little toppers make the best bright and colorful option for your holiday sweets! 

9. Witch Hat Cookie Cutter by The Crafty Bot 

We love baking large batches of sugar cookies for every occasion and this cookie cutter witch hat is so adorable! Perfect for some weekend baking. 

10. Hocus Pocus Tshirt by She That Laughs  

There are two things we LOVE: Halloween and Mean Girls. So this hilarious Tshirt is a total no-brainer for making our must have Halloween items! 

11. Halloween Treat Balls by Postbox Party

These fabulous treats are so cute! They make a really cute option for a Halloween party or tricker treaters coming your way!  

12. Pink Raven Brooch by Skullduggery Ceramics

The raven is such a spooky and iconic image and we're loving this super cute and trendy brooch. Perfect for a subtle nod of Halloween fun! 

13. Pumpkin Straws by The Pink Papermill

Add some sparkle to your Halloween season with these super bedazzled paper straws! Sparkle pumpkin straws for the win.

14. Halloween Garland by Gracie and Marie

For a super modern look, you can snag one of these beautiful garlands! We are loving this spooky mantle look!

15. Witchy Pillow by The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company 

This is currently our favorite pillow in the shop! You can check out our full Halloween shop filled with cards, pillows, stationery and more right over HERE. 

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