9 Tools We Use To Keep Business Life Super Organized

9 Tools We Use To Keep Business Life Super Organized


So I am totally aware that most people use HootSuite for social media scheduling but I fell in love with Buffer because they offer a free base level option if you are just starting out! Buffer analyzes your posts, schedules them, and pushes them out to your social media platforms. I go through phases of using Buffer A LOT. It is especially helpful when you're off on holiday and should be off social media but your accounts can all stay active in the meantime! 


I make a lot of Photoshop and marketing photos and Dropbox is my lifesaver that I can access from my mobile or laptop at any time. You can also share files with clients or team members as needed. I've been using Dropbox since college for everything and it has never let me down!   


I use photoshop for literally EVERYTHING. All of my illustrations and marketing are done through using photoshop. You can purchase Photoshop and all Adobe products as you need them in different monthly packages. If you work in the creative industry or take your own photos you NEED to learn Adobe products. 


I've just switched over to QuickNotes to do all of my accounting. I am really liking it so far. All of my accounts and PayPal are set up to upload to the site. I can also upload my physical receipts for expenses. So far so good! 


The Etsy tool app is a really useful app for when you are on holiday mode or not able to access your laptop. I use it to keep an eye on orders, shop stats, and convos with my lovely customers. 


I am on Pinterest a lot lately for my wedding planning and I also use Pinterest a lot for color palette ideas and what's hot now. You can also use Pinterest to grow your client base and collect ideas for literally ANYTHING. 


Something I am giving more focus to again is growing my mailing list. As with every small business, it is crucial to build a network of humans who LOVE your stuff and want to hear from you. Sending a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter allows everyone to know what's going on with your business. MailChimp is super easy to use and is free if you don't want all the bells and whistles. 


I used to work in phone sales for six years. Excel is my JAM. I used Excel to track my website, Etsy, and Not on The High Street stats. It is helpful to use SEO, tagging, and goal tracking to optimize your website. Excel allows you to keep track of everything a filter for data.  


For three years I've been using a large bando agenda to keep my life sorted. I had a brief blip where I attempted to keep a bullet journal but I found it hard to keep up. These agendas are fab, illustrated to sassy perfection, and perfect for any creative bizzzz. 

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