A Very Fuzzy Update!

A Very Fuzzy Update!

Two months ago I made a really big decision to leave my full-time job for the second time.

The first time I left my job it was to move to the UK. At times it actually felt like the whole world was tumbling around me when I first moved. I had to give up my job, my apartment, and the city I lived in. It was also a long road of understanding the UK market, connecting with the Etsy team here in Glasgow, and trying to figure out how to grow my business in a new country. Needless to say, there was a lot going on. When the opportunity came to work with my old company and gain some sense of stability I jumped at the opportunity.

The problem was that the Fuzzy Bee had started to do really well. In reality, I too had actually started to do really well, although I couldn't see that a the time. My new job, over the course of a year, totally swamped me and I was constantly having an internal struggle of trying to give 100% of myself to both the full-time job and The Fuzzy Bee. So after a lot of crying (yes it was bad) and some freaking out, I decided I can totally do this! It is with great pleasure that I can announce to the world, I AM FREE: THE SEQUEL! 

As a result of my new found freedom, there are a lot of really fun projects I have on the horizon. 

  • Not On The High Street: I recently signed on with the renowned Not On The High Street. For my UK customers, you know how exciting this is! I am really pumped about the new shop and it just went live this week. Check out the link above. More products will be going up over the next couple weeks. 
  • Wedding Invitations and Maps: Wedding season is upon us! We have a ton of newly designed invites, save the dates, and custom wedding maps that will go up in the shop. Get in touch if you would like something custom made! 
  • Summer Line: Our Summer Line is coming out July 15th! I am super excited as I have some gems hidden away for you. Keeps your eyes peeled! 
  • The Beehive Box: The Beehive Box has also taken a step back in the past months but it's back and I will be adding more makers and shakers for 2017! 

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