Casa Connelly Eats: 10 Of My Favorite Batch Recipes

I wanted to share some of my favorite eats for batch cooking!  From yummy pasta, brekafasts, and casserole dishes, these yummy foods are perfect for freezing and keeping on hand.

As we are all facing being inside a lot more, these are some amazing recipes to get you and your freezer started. Stay safe and healthy and let's start cooking.  

1. Meat Box by Field + Flower

Adam and I have been buying meat boxes from Field and Flower for about three years now and it is a life saver. Every month we order all the meat we need for the month and each box is filled with sustainable, locally sourced, small batch, meat, cheese, and fish from England.

It has been a totalt game changer in supporting small and the taste and quality is WAY BETTER than the supermarket.


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


2. Crispy Prosciutto Lasagna by Half Baked Harvest

One of my favorite food bloggers, this twist on a classic lasagna is perfect to make and keep for a busy day! 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


3. Karjalanpiirakka Finnish Rice Pasties

These are one of my favorite things to make in the house and make the perfect snack or breakfast snack. Made of rye flower and rice porridge, you can add sheese, fish, meat, or egg to the top. You can also just add some butter to keep it simple! SO YUMMY. I make them and keep some in the freezer. 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


4. Chicken Pot Pie 

A super classic, this chicken pot pie is from the southern queen herself, Ree Drummond. It is a classic version that you can make it a sheet pan! Serve with worcestershire sauce and relish. #trustme


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes 

5. Queso Dip

I LOVE QUESO! This is the best recipe I have ever found and it tastes so good with nachos, tortiallas, with beans and rice. This makes a pretty big batch so I tend to freeze the other half when I need it. 

 Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


6. Frozen Morning Burrito 

Ok, I was super skeptical when I heard of this but I used to make and freeze these when I lived and worked in Boston so I could grab one out the door. They are so good and you cn swap out different items for what you want.

 Frozen Burrito


7. Western Omeltte Quiche

This is a different take on a classic quiche lorraine! One of my favorites to make for lunches with a big salad on the side. 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


8. Swedish Meatballs 

Again, one of my favorites and super easy to make in bulk. I normally make the meatballs and sauce seperately and serve with potatoes and dill. Add a little bit of lingon berry jam on the side for a dash of yum! 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


9. Ricotta + Spinach Cazlones

Ok, so I have never made this version but I love a good calzone and this has a great dough that is easy to make. Again, you can try different options. I love doing broccoli instead of spinach! 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes


10. Pastitsio Pasta

This is a great family recipe and it makes a TON. It is a layered greek pasta dish and it's so yummy and very different with the spices. This recipe is from the ever amazing Ina Garten! 


Casa Connelly Eats: My Favorite Batch Recipes 

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