Casa Connelly: Our Guest Room Inspiration

Casa Connelly: Our Guest Room Inspiration

Have you guys watched the infamous Marie Kondo show on Netflix? I had actually heard all about 'sparking joy'  from the Marie Kondo book and then from a hilarious reference in Gilmore Girls when Emily Gilmore attempts to throw out her entire home. 

I watched one episode and was pleasantly surprised to find my 2019 goal to get rid of what we don't need AND to focus on storage space was right on trend. YASSSS!

Most homes in the UK do not have basements so it's been a total nightmare trying to find storage in our home. I finally made the commitment this year to fix those struggles and re-jiggle how we are using space and make things accessible and design friendly for our daily lives! Marie Kondo came to the rescue as I wanted the inside of our new closets and spaces to be as amazing as the outside.   

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When it comes to fixing our home storage, I decided to go room by room in terms of decor but tackle the konmari method as a whole as she suggests. Aka, I dumped out every closet in my home and got rid of EVERYTHING we didn't need. You can snag her book HERE to know more about her method of cleaning. As a result, Adam and I have spent the past week going through clothing, papers, books, and the rest to make way for some of our new DIY projects. 

We are having lots of guests come in March so I decided to tackle our guest space first. We have a VERY small space to work with and I had a couple of goals going into the project. 

First, I wanted the space to feel really light and cozy. We're going with a really light gray to allow as much natural light into the room. I am also using all my favorite colors of hunter green, blush, black and white to keep the space in keeping with the rest of the home. I love repeating these colors in different ways to make the home feel united. 

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Secondly, I am re-using furniture we already owned in the house (cause I am budget friendly!) and breathing new life into them to make the space feel new again. 

I've rounded up some of my favorite pieces from some UK and USA based brands to give you an idea of the feel and vibe we are thinking! It's still our colors and mid-century vibe and will hopefully be a totally amazing feel for our guests when they are here!

I'm starting this project right away so I can't wait to share some peeks along the way!

1. Lush Green Duvet Cover by H&M Home  2. Love Potion Diffuser Holder by Oliver Bonas 3. Ceramic Frame by Oliver Bonas  4. Metallic Side Table by Oliver Bonas  5. Blush Metal Frame by Oliver Bonas  6. Crushed Blanket by H&M Home  7. Black Pom Pom Basket by H&M Home  8. Tassel Mirror by Oliver Bonas  9. Textured Pillow Case by H&M Home 10. Ceramic Bulb Planter by H&M Home 11. Dresser by Ikea  12.Cotton Candle by H&M Home 13. Bed Frame by Ikea  14. Towels by The White Company 

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