Casa Connelly: My Office Plan Inspiration

Casa Connelly: My Office Plan Inspiration

What a crazy pants week, am I right?! All of our plans, adventures, nights out, and more are all on hold as a country. I am sitting on my couch right now with the news on (bad, I know!) and I know I'm not alone in wishing this all to pass soon. 

So I am still hoping to bring a little smile and some fun interior design plans here on the blog to keep some sense of nomral and to make plans for the future.

This month, Adam and I were supposed to be working on completing the first room in our unfinished upstairs. Of course, we have had to take a major step back on making these plans happen but that can't stop a girl making plans and dreaming right? 

Adam has actually taken over our home office for the forseeable future and I've kept half the room for myself to keep shipping. Let's be honest, I've moved downstairs so I can watch Disney + while packing cards. 

But I do have MAJOR, EPIC, AND EXCITING plans for what this office space could look like and I have some fun inspiration pictures, products I am coveting, and some ideas to make this space flexible. Here we go: 



1. Create closed storage for products and paper. 

I am wanting to use the pine Ivar cabinets (in the first picture) along with Ikea paper storage pieces to build in some very needed closed storage. From products, paper, cello sleeves and more. My office has a lot of moving parts. I've mentioned before that I am NOT in love with the piece in my office right now. I would love to elevate the Ivar cabinets above the floorskirting where the current piece is, so it looks like a floating side panel/dresser piece. Then I want to put lots of greens and artwork on top. 

2. Get those floors in! 

I am SO ready to rip out the carpet. I repeat, I AM SO READY TO RIP OUT THE CARPET. I have officially picked out the flooring for the upstairs and it is going to match the light oak we have downstairs eek! And yes, I want a nice fluffy rug to go on top!  

3. Creating a space for my brand in home. 

My brand and how kind of live in the same space, so I have picked a lot of decor pieces that function as storage for my products and also have lots of boho elements to match my brand! I have picked out what I am thinking below. 

4. Leaving things flexible for the guest bed. 

One of the main hiccups I have to the space is that we very rarely and host guests in this space. I've planned the room out so that my desk can easily fold up and out of site and our guest bed can slot into that spot. Kind of like one big TA-DA moment. 

A lot of peopl have asked us why we have yet to move to a bigger house but I really like and want to use space wisely. Our home is perfect for two and since we rarely have guests anyway, I opted to be creative on this swap instead. 

5. Creating a shipping station I love. 

 Ok so this one is my MUST have. I am dying to create a fun shipping station, trolly? I hate that shipping supplies end up all over the house so I am wanting to have a roller station to pack and store materials. SO looking forward to this change to streamline how I do it now. 


THE BEFORE: (Yes, it was messy this day!)



Casa Connelly: My Office Plan Inspiration

I am so excited for you guys to tell me what you think?! 

Of course, we are putting these plans on hold for a while but I'll be sharing the full before pics over on Instagram! We can all wait a bit longer for the after ones right? Tell me if you have any boho ideas or shops you guys are loving in the comments!



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