Casa Connelly: Our 2020 Projects Begin!

Casa Connelly: Our 2020 Projects Begin!

I announced at the end of last year that Adam and  I were embarking on some pretty intense house projects this year! 2019 was an odd year and a lot of our extra money went to travel and not finishing off this space. We would love to live in our home for a bit when it's all re-done so were on board to spend some time each month tackling each room!

Without further ado....HERE WE GO! I took January off to give me some time to plan, break down our budget, and figure out just how many little and big projects to do. I love to break down each room into it's parts and make a plan so it's less overwhelming as we take each project on. A lot of you replied in the survey that you want LOTS of home styling and home updates so I promise to take lots of photos and cronicle this little journey of ours! 

First up! Our kitchen is ready to BE DONE. Three years ago Adam and I did a total kitchen DIY which is featured here on the blog. It was a total gut job and we did the entire thing ourselves, from tiling to cabinet installation. Now that we have lived in the space for three years, we have a couple updates to improve functionality and little bits we never finished. Aka, the time we just never installed that under cabinet lighting. Oops! There are actual wire hookups sticking out! I am so ready for these projects to be over since they are the tiny little things that will elevate the room from 'almost done' to 'done'. 

I'm also looking forward to finalizing the look and feel of the space. It's brand new so the space doesn't need much but I would love for the little bits and bobs to match the look and feel of the rest of the house! Here are some of the things I'm working on this month: 

Casa Connelly: Our 2020 Projects Begin!

1. Finally put in the under cabinet lighting I've been talking about for three years. 

This is the most embarassing part of our kitchen DIY. For three years we have had the electric cable hanging down to do our under cabinet lights. How amazing would our kitchen be with that installed?! I'm gonna do it! I swear! And it will be awesome. 

2. Fix the under cabinet paneling.

When we installed the Ikea kitchen we thought the quality of everything was amazing...minus the under cabinet panels on the lower cabinets. They are made out of a really flimsy plastic and they wobble around and get food and dust trapped under them.

Adam and I are planning to replace them with wooden panels that are more secure! It will involve a bit of math and coming up with a new way of attaching them but I think the end result will elevate the look and feel of the under cabinets! I'll keep you in the loop as I know I can't be the only person with this problem! 


Casa Connelly: Omg It's Our Big Kitchen Reveal

3. Sand and paint.

The whole room is due a little re-paint! I have a couple sanding jobs and patchwork to accomplish as well! Not very exciting as the room is all white but a good paint job can work wonders to refresh a space fo spring. 

4. Do a little spring cleaning. 

If I am working on a room I always do a little spring cleaning! We got some new kitchen gadgets for Christmas and I need to re-jig some of the drawers. I live by a new mantra that your storage needs to work for you. I am always trying out new things for items that have been annoying me. 

I also like to go through and get rid of pieces that we don't use or want anymore. If we haven't cooked with it in a year, it's OUT! 

5. Finalize our home decor! 

I'm probably the most excited about this as I love styling and giving a space a new vibe. I've never realy purchased or done things specifically for this kitchen so I am ordring some new pieces to make this space cohesive with the rest of the house! 

I very intentioally use black and white as my backdrop palette so I can bring color into the decor. I'm still obsessed with pink but I am also trying to bring in lots of teracotta, browns, and sienn I've been loving so much. I would love to do this with some textural pieces, like baskets or dried flowers. I am also tying to find some new homes for my plant and herb collection and kee my green thumb going. 

Some of my planned pieces I want are below!


1.Hanging Basket 2.Gold Hanger 3.Beetle Bottle Opener 4.Black Tray With Legs 5.Radiator Cover White 6.White Diffuser 7.Boho Roses Art Print 8.Dried Plants 9.Sienna Plant Pot 10.Blush Bin 11.Bamboo Spice Container 12.Boho Rug Runner 13.White Window Blinds 14.Gold Tray 15.Faux Fern Plant 

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