Casa Connelly: Our Kitchen Revamp Is Done!

Casa Connelly: Our Kitchen Revamp Is Done!

In March, I broke the news that Adam and I were finally tackling ALL of the house projects and major DIY's we have been avoiding! Little did I know I was going to be stuck on my home with no other hobbies than making major home improvements.

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat with me that we are all adjusting to the new normal. Adam and I are just trying to live each day, stay home, be careful, deliver groceries to his parents doorstep, panic buy bread flour, and work on our 2020 to do list.

The first room we were tackling was the kitchen. This room has A TON of small little projects that never got done when we did the re-model. If you have not seen those posts, Adam and I re-did the whole kitchen ourselves using Ikea, with help from family and friends. You can read that post here. We wanted to fix some of the things that were not working and also get this space styled to perfection!

So here we gooooo, I am finally ready to re-share our kitchen! TA-DAAA it's done! 



Welcome to my kitchen where all the little bits and bobs Adam and I have been avoiding are finally DONE! 

At the beginning of the year Adam and I set ourselves a goal to tackle one room in our house per month and totally see it though. This kitchen was high up in the queue. We had totally gutted the kitchen ourselves 2 years ago and personaly installed all of the cabinets and appliances ourselves. Yes, we were crazy. This kitchen DIY felt like such a big task that we never managed to pull off all the teeny tiny baby projects from the big gut job. 

Here's what we did! 

1. New under cabinet lights.

After having all of the tools and pieces to do our under cabinet lights we installed them and I had no idea what I was missing! I can now see the food I wam chopping and I am living my BEST LIFE! Adam installed all of the lights and trim himself. I cannot take credit and it looks fabulous!

2. Choosing the right window treatment. 

You guys were incredibly helpful with this part! So if you voted on insta you helped my brain figure this all out. I initially thought that I wanted a curtain, then I toyed with nothing at all. As it turns out, the bamboo blind is the best mixture of those two and I didn't know what I was missing. I wanted lots of light to come through the space and so this piece connected the room and colors while not covering up too much light. I LOVE IT! 

3. Repaint and refresh

When Adam and I did the initial demo we had to rip out a closet and a bunch of basboard trim. Although we did some inital patcwork, the area where the closet was and the trim along the floor by the door has just never been right. I ripped it all out, installed new trim, sanded, patched, and painted it ALL. The whole room also got a fresh coat of pure white paint to make it nice and bright for spring. 



4. Radiator cover love.

I really wanted to cover up some of the radiators in the space to make it finished. We live in such a small house that I am not majorly concerend about having them all exposed as we have very even heat. This majorly helpd pull together the space. Adam and I tagged teamed this project and had to make some cuts to make it fit. We love the look so much we may use these in other rooms to tie them all together. 

5. Creating the space. 

My guiding design elements with this kitchen was definately our statement floor. Once I had picked this out the rest of the kitchen fell into place at Ikea by picking out neutral black and white cabinets. As with the rest of the house, I wanted to bring in color with artworks, plants, and soft furnishings. 

We also decided to keep the basic layout of the space and appliance for re-sell purposes as this isn't our 'forever' home. For me, it was essential that we pick out cabinets that prioritized storage. This meant that we kept the shape of the kitchen but improved what each cabinet and area held. We live in such a small home so it was essential that the cabinets hold EVERYTHING we need and that we didnt need to store kicthen items outside of this room.

It was also essential that this space not just be pretty but super funcional. Since we are both really into cooking, everything needed to be accessible and easy to access. My oven repair man has told me twice now that he thinks we use our kitchen more than anyone he knows! 

Once I had the basic palette and shape is was time to add a ton of my favorite goodies to make this space ours. As with the kitchen design, I wanted beautiful objects that were also functional. All of my pieces have been collected from some of my favorite shops including Oliver Bonas, Flying Tiger, Rose & Grey, H&M Home, Anthropologie, Made, Ikea, Trouva, and (of course!) The Fuzzy Bee.

As a lot of these little pieces have been collected over the years, I have started tagging all of them over on instagram so you guys can shop your hearts out! You can visit my new home account @casaconnelly to see our whole home.  



It has been such a journey with this space guys! All that is left for me to do is get TONS of new plant babies in here and cook up a storm! 




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