Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Our 2020 DIY escapades continue! In May I decided we were going to totally gut and re-do our small downstairs bath. I had SO many dreams for this little bath and really wanted to make it feel trendy, luxurious, and relaxing. It is finally 99% done while I wait on a flooring threshold but I decided I could 100% share all the work we have been doing!  

The bathroom was originally all black (cue a terrible DIY plan I had from two years ago) and not very warm or inviting. I started off by creating a product mood board and coming up with a general palette for the room. The neutral paint we have been using in other parts of the house is a really white/pink called arctic fox. I decided I wanted to bring in more pink neutrals to tie it in with our decor and continue to use some pink vibes. I also wanted to incorporate a black and white floor to go along with our kitchen tiles. 

Once I had these two elements figured out it was time to TOTALLY gut the place. We had a lot of plumbing, sanding, and clean up we wanted to do before putting in the tiles and toilet. The project took us about five lazy weeks to do including collecting all the materials and waiting for things to come in the mail. 

You guys ready?! TA-DA!


Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!


1. New flooring is a MUST

I really love when a home has cohesive elements and things are tied together. It was important that our tiled spaces were linked together and I decided to do this by keeping the black and white tile running through the kitchen and bathrooms. 

I used the Porcelain Super Store as they had an amazing selection of trendy black and white options to choose from along with some other pieces I could see us using in our upstairs bath to match. The new tiles make space feel luxurious compared to the old laminate that we had. 


2. From black to blush

Ok, our old bathroom was a horrible black. Like two years ago, I thought this was a GREAT idea when I didn't have the time or money to re-do the floors and gut the place. Looking back, no color could save this space. 

I fell in love with two pink colors from Lick paint that I am using throughout the upstairs bedrooms and I used PINK 02 for the downstairs bath as well. IT IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. After three coats, and a lot of rolling, the space was so much bigger and brighter. 


3. Plumb it up! 

While we were re-doing the bathroom, I really wanted to clean up the look of the plumbing. There was a lot of expanding foam on the pipes and random dripping. I decided to shave it all down, plaster it up, and sand the crap out of the space. I didn't want to move the sink or hide the plumbing all together but doing the small amount of clean up made the space so much nicer.

Adam focused on replacing all the bits and bobs of our toilet, getting a new seat, and redoing the flow so that our toilet was in tip top shape. I decided to change out all of the hardware in the small bath to brass to add a little luxe to the look so he also installed all of this for me! Don't worry, I helped and also fixed a little toilet leak. 

 Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

4. Adding a super trendy light

As I have been re-doing each room, I have also been replacing the light fixtures. This made such a huge difference in this space and the lighting is now warm and inviting. My goal is always to have it be a warm light with a candle instead of a harsh, scary light. 

I bought this large glass/brass globe from and it was perfect for the space and was a little nod to the other fixtures in the house. 


5. Some boho touches and leafy greens

My favorite part of a DIY is getting to style the space after we are done! There are some AMAZING prints online that I had been eyeing for a while so I printed and used those and added a little Fuzzy Bee hanging to match! 

I'm also signed up for a monthly plant to arrive from Leaf Envy so I used my most recent arrival in this space to add a bit of green. I have tagged all of my picks and purchases over on instagram so you guys can shop the look! 


Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!


Adam and I are in love with the new space. We still have a wood threshold to link the tile to the hardwoods but then the space will be totally done! EEK! After a little back and forth, we have decided to tackle the upstairs bath next as we had such great success here and we think our upstairs bath is jealous. 

I'll be sharing all of our progress, design plans, and more over on the new home account @casaconnelly so you guys can follow there if you want to see more corners of the home. 


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