Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: Porto, Portugal

Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: Porto, Portugal

We did a little survey this year and one of the top answers back on what you guys wanted to see here was travel! We love traveling around Europe, and North America and in a past life 'tour consultant' was one of our hats! So it's super exciting for us to launch one of our first city guides and favorite cities: Porto!

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and has a reputation for being the fun city of the North. Porto is known for it's Port wine industry and also has an incredible nightlife/foodie hot spots to go along with it's most popular drink. 

Below we have done a round-up of the must-visit places, restaurants, and tours you can't miss in this fabulous city. 


Ribeira/Downtown Porto

There are a million things to do and see in the historic area of Porto. We have some suggestions but my favorite thing to do is walk, eat lunch, drink wine, walk some more, take a million fabulous photos and then drink more wine (preferably on the riverfront!). So we've listed some of 'must do's' below! 

Porto Portugal- Fuzzy Bee Blog

Porto Portugal- Fuzzy Bee Blog

Climb Torre dos Clerigos: One of the tallest buildings on a Porto skyline. The climb to the top of this church tower provides an amazing view over the city and a little exercise to start your day! 

Sao Bento Train Station: If you are taking the train to Porto you may come to this stunning station. If not, make sure to go see the classic and amazing tiles in the main hall! 

Bolhao Market : If you love Airbnb as much as we do, then this is a great fish market to wander through and maybe get some ingredients. The market isn't at it's full capacity or full glory but there are still some amazing stalls and fresh items to be had!

Rua das Flores: Rua das Flores is a street that connects the Ribeira to the city centre. Dotted along are some great places to snag some wine, cheese before dinner! It also has some great places to shop. 

Casa da Mariquinhas: 

When in Rome it is best to partake in all the things! If we were to suggest one thing, book an evening at a traditional

Fado house. Live music, eating, and amazing wine. 

Porto Portugal- Fuzzy Bee Blog

Porto Portugal- Fuzzy Bee Blog

Porto Portugal- Fuzzy Bee Blog

 Serralves Museum 

This is one of the most relaxing places in Porto. Serralves is a contemporary art museum, garden, and historic home. It makes a lovely morning with some coffee and a camera. 

 Casa Da Musica 

The Casa da Musica has some amazing performances and amazing architecture. It is totally worth the trek on the subway to go see this building and take a walk around the area. 


Gaia is the area on the other side of the Douro river that houses all of the Port houses. You can walk across to Gaia and enjoy some of the restaurants/wine. We recommend taking a trek to Graham's Port House. You can book in for a tour and lunch here as well! 


When traveling to a new place you get a menu and then are immediately like WTF am I supposed to order. What is good? We got you covered. Now don't mess it up! 

Vinho Verde: A spritzy white Portuguese wine from the north. Basically, just trust me. We've been drinking this stuff my whole life. Pairs really well with food and you'll be an instant convert. 

Octopus/Seafood: The best way to get the best food is to ask what the restaurant specializes in. We typically like to get something we know we can't get in the UK. AMAZING SEAFOOD. Octopus is a go to. 

Cheeses/Meat: Portugal can be so relaxing. The best way to have some chill time is to ask for some meat, cheese, and some 10-year tawny port. Annndd...chill.  

Pastel De Nata and Galao: Every morning we love to start the day with some pastry and coffee. Now, a Galao is espresso with foamy milk. MOST DELICIOUS THING! 


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