Fuzzy Bee DIY: Painted Galaxy Pumpkins

Fuzzy Bee DIY: Painted Galaxy Pumpkins

True confession: I miss a New York autumn. There is something really magical about all of the trees changing colors around you and the air becoming crispy. It's the PERFECT sweater weather. All you need is some pumpkin beer and you're good to go! 

The Fuzzy Bee Blog: Painted Pumpkin DIY

This year I am trying to celebrate autumn to the fullest and I wanted to do a pumpkin DIY that would make my stoop look ace! We picked out some pumpkins from a local farm in Skaneateles, New York for the wedding and I decided to reuse and repurpose them into some pumpkin magic. We've taken some inspiration from tie-dye/ glitter land and we've created these super cute galaxy pumpkins. YES, there was GLITTER! You can get the full galaxy DIY below! 

Keep an eye on the blog as we celebrate the spookier side of autumn!  

The Fuzzy Bee: Painted Pumpkin DIY

Galaxy Pumpkin DIY


  • Acrylic paint in pinks, blues, dark green! (choose lights and darks in a couple of your favorite colors!) We have some examples for you below on what we used
  • Paintbrushes in a couple different sizes
  • Plastic acrylic tray or parchment paper for mixing your paint 
  • Pumpkins in different shapes and sizes

Pumpkin DIY Materials


  • Choose 4-5 paints you are lovin. 
  • Drip the 4-5 colors in little dots all over the first pumpkin. Again, make sure to choose/drip dark and light colors so you will get a really cool tie-dye color
  • Taking a big brush, work the colors down from the step to the bottom of the pumpkin. You should see the tie-dye effect right away. Make sure to not overwork the colors when starting this process. 
  • If needed, add darker or lighter colors in drips to get the galaxy look you want
  • Once the whole pumpkin has been painted, take some glitter or sequins and toss them onto the wet paint so they stick
  • Make sure to paint the pumpkin stem at the very end
  • Let the pumpkins dry overnight 
  • Arrange on your front porch or stoop like the autumn badass you are!

The Fuzzy Bee: Painted Pumpkin DIY

The Fuzzy Bee: DIY Galaxy Pumpkins

The Fuzzy Bee: DIY Painted Pumpkins

Fuzzy Bee Pumpkin DIY

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