Fuzzy Bee DIY: Pom-Pom Trainers

Fuzzy Bee DIY: Pom-Pom Trainers

GAHHH! So we totally made some epic pink pom-pom shoes!!! The super cool part is that these were insanely easy to make. I was a bit concerned on if I would be able to rock these. Turns out they are super badass and amazing and I am gonna rock them! A super easy and affordable DIY to bring some color as we start to rock the spring season. 

Pom Pom Shoe DIY


  • £3 Primark shoes white/colored
  • £4 Pink dye or dye of choice 
  • Desired yarn (we used white, pink, purple) 
  • Small pom-pom maker


  • Mix together the dye according to the directions on the dye pack. It does make a lot of dye so if you have anything else you want to dye, now is the time!
  • Take out the laces to make sure they don't get dyed!
  • Let the shoes soak in the dye until you've reached the desired color. Make sure to check on them and make sure the dye is covering the entire shoe. 
  • Take out of dye and let shoes dry for 24 hours. 
  • Make two small pom-poms and connect them with the same colored string, one on each side about 2 1/2 inches apart. 
  • Replace the shoes. At the last hole attach the pom-poms as desired.
  • Walk around like a boss lady! 

Pink Pom Pom Shoes- Fuzzy Bee DIY

Pink Pom Pom Shoes- Wearing Them

Example Pom Pom Wearing Shoes

Pom Pom Close Up

Styled Pom Pom Shoes

Styled Pom Shoes

Pom Shoes

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