Fuzzy Bee DIY: Pink Christmas Wreath

Fuzzy Bee DIY: Pink Christmas Wreath

DIY Pink Wreath

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY weekend I can totally recommend this fabby wreath-making project. I have never tackled making one of these but I had so much fun I am looking into adding them to my Christmas merchandise next year. This little guy doesn't go entirely with my house decor aesthetic so he is currently hanging on my studio door to match all this Fuzzy Bee pink! Here is what you'll need: 

  • Twine
  • Assorted baubles of your choice 
  • Pom Poms (yarn and fuzzy ones!) 
  • Any tinsel, gems or extra craft store shenanigans you may need! 
  • Glue Gun and hot glue 

Most of these items I got at Hobbycraft, TK Maxx, or Tiger. I just took a couple days to find some random old Christmas stuff I wanted to re-purpose for this project and then get some fillers from these stores above! 

Pom Pom Wreath DIY

 Once you have collected all the awesome find your craft corner in the house and plug in the glue gun. I started by placing the largest pom pom first and then building the baubles and small items around it. I also made sure that colors were spaced evenly all over the wreath to make everything look even. Once some of the bigger items were on I sprinkled and placed gemstones and disco balls in for a little sparkle! 

I took my time (over two days to make the wreath) but you could totally make this on a Sunday afternoon! The glue and wreath dries as you glue along so no need for any drying period. Let me know what you think and GO MAKE ONE! 

Work In Progress Wreath DIY

Pom Pom Wreath Photoshoot

Pink Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Glue Gun Photo

Pink Wreath DIY

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