Our Fabulous Frida Round Up!

Our Fabulous Frida Round Up!

When I was super little I fell in love with Frida Kahlo. To me, she was a super badass lady boss and I thought her paintings were pretty cool too! I must have owned a bazillion art books of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

My obsession continued when I took a Latin American politics class my junior year of college. It was a terrifying 300 level class and my professor was kind enough to let me write my final paper about art since I really had no idea what I was doing. It resulted in a 50-page paper in which I basically swooned over Frida! The paper was about other amazing female Mexican artists as well, I swear!

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My point is that Frida comes and goes in popularity but she is a fabulous icon and to me, a complex and strong woman of her time. She is also totally in right now!

Check out our fabulous Frida roundup and all the amazing artists we can't stop sharing. 

Frida- The Fuzzy Bee

Frida Kahlo Print (£14) by The Fuzzy Bee 

One of our top selling prints in the shop! When you need a fabulous Frida for your living space this is the perfect pink print!

Frida Kahlo Eye mask

Sleeping Frida Eye Mask (£20) by Hi Cacti

Our roundup inspiration started with this amazing sleep mask by Hi Cacti! It's been sitting in our Etsy cart for forever. We may pull the plug for my upcoming trip back home to America! 

Frida Scarf

Frida Scarf by (£40) Flowee Designs

When you think of Frida, you think COLOR! We love how fun and trendy this scarf is from Flowee Designs. Perfect for spring. 

Frida Kahlo Fabric

 Frida Kahlo Fabric (£7.58) by Cotton Heart

Totally obsessed with this fabric from Cotton Head. We love how edgy, artsy, and fun this Frida print is!

Frida Kahlo Necklace (£18) by Mushy Pea Design

We love the design and illustration of this amazing necklace. A super fun and quirky piece. 

Frida Flower Crown (34.15) by Bloom Design Studio

When you think of Frida you think FLOWER CROWN! These are beautiful and would make the best party crowns ever!

Frida Tote Bag

 Frida Kahlo Tote Bag (£15) by Soph Of Bread

Everyone needs a tote bag in their life! This fabulous Frida is definitely one for your collection.

Frida Kahlo Watch (£9.11) by Free Forme 

Amp up your watch game with this super modern and fun Frida jewelry. 

Frida Necklace

Frida Kahlo Necklace (£35) by Oo La La Design

This cute statement necklace is super different and very cute designed by Oo La La Designs. LOVE the heart with wings. Perfect to pair with any outfit. 

Frida Kahlo Pin (£4) by Extreme Largeness

If your pin game is strong this is the Frida pin that you need to get! Eyebrows and all :) 

Frida Kahlo Tshirt

Frida Kahlo Tshirt (£19.73) by Artful Threads Design

We are super into improving our t-shirt collection right now and we are loving this Frida Tshirt with the quote 'Follow Your Art'. Pair with the perfect pants and your wardrobe is ready to go! 

Cookie Cutter

Frida Cookie Cutter (£6.53) by Sweet Cookie Cutter

We LOVE making cookies (as you can tell by the blog!) This is such an adorable cookie cutter to make cookie making even better. 

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