Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our April Read

Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our April Read

Now more than ever, we're looking for a little escape, right?! I've seen so many people turn to books, films, and arts as an outlet for stress and anxiety during this time. The longer I stay inside, the more I realize how crucial my little world of illustration and home decor really is. During times of stress for everyone, the world of art provides beauty, purpose, and lots of relief. 

I've been trying to make sure to read, light my candles, and do lots of crafty projects to stay occupied. I'm not gonna lie, I am definitely not as stir crazy as other people since I barely left my little home anyway (yup, truth bomb)! I do miss my expat cravings for starbucks, buying too many candles at TKMaxx, and little Saturday walks with Adam downtown. We are just trying to get outside in our garden and light lots of outdoor fires in the cold instead! I am very much going to be able to get through my book list this year! Look on the positive side.

I got my monthly pick, The Binding, last month before all the crazy began and I am so glad I did. It has been on my list of must reads for a while now! I started to devour this last weekend on Saturday and I am definately enjoying it so far! 



I picked this book out for the title since I am always interested in paper making, book binding, and ALL things paper! I'm also a sucker for a gothic novel and a little mystery.

Written by Bridget Collins, the Binding follows a young man named Emmet who suffers a mental and physical breakdown. Slow to recover and be helpful on the family farm, Emmet is offered a spot as an apprentice to a book keeper. All is not what it seems in this new world however. 

Books are not just books, they are vessles in which people hide their secrets, memories, and painful pasts. Once they have hidden their memories, their own memories are clean and they lose the power to haunt them. As the binder and keeper of these books, Emmet meets many characters along the way. He also discovers a book with his name on it that has been locked away within the bookshop.

I don't want to give away anymore, and also, I am not at the end yet! So all I am going to say is that I'm LOVING how the whole mysery is unfolding. It is the perfect fun, fast read to add to your quarantine list this month. 



This month I am also adding something new to my shopping links!

To make shopping the blog and some of my craft projects easier I've finally oepend up a little Amazon page! If you order through this link I get a little money for my small business and the goodies will cost the same for you. It also means I can link the products to my blog photos which I love. 

I use Amazon a lot for home decor, stationery, and books! So I am excited for you guys to be able to shop the blog a bit easier. To access the The Binding, you can shop HERE

Happy quarantine! As always, let me know if you get a chance to read or have any reccomendations of your own. 




  • Posted by Lauren Pell on

    This is one of the best books I have read all year! I completely love it (huge fascination with the gothic here too).

    I also finally read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier 😍 loved it – again so much mystery and tension.

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