Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read

A little late, but hey ho, the March read is here and I think you guys are gonna need it. What a week right? With coronavirus hitting the UK and my family back in the US, it has taken me by surprise how fast our habits change. I have been spending some major time doing some reflection on my business and my personal life. 

Adam and I have had to make a hard decision to essentially self isolate. Adam's mom is a very at risk person. Without going into too much, if she gets sick we have major concerns. Our choice is mainly to prevent outside interaction so we can still see and interact with her for as long as possible while this is all going on.

Last night we went to Tesco, bought two weeks of food and we are hunkered down. I am blessing my eco conscience self at the beggining of the month as I had purchased eco friendly toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and spray! #blessed! I think I'll be making one more run for wine and books today and then that's it! You guys know I run this little biz from my house anyway so this will not majorly change my habits or running of the business in any way.

While I was writing this post, I thought that we may need more books, more leisure, DIY's, or free projects in the next couple weeks as things get crazy. I'll be trying to share on here as things amp up with freebies, books, and actibities to try in any way I can to help! So withought further ado, I would definately stock up on some books and I would make The Secret Life Of Bees one of them.   


Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read

Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read


This book is a classic that I just never read. My mom has been asking me to read this for YEARS when she read it in her bookclub back in New York. So I was happily surprised when Adam's mom gave this to me for Christmas and I added it to my 'must read' stack. 

Set on a peach farm in South Carolina, the book follows a young girl named Lily. Lily believes that she is responsible for accidentally killing her mother when she was four. She is now older and has a lot of guilt and emotion surrounding this murky event. The only person she has in her life that is kind to her is Rosaleen, a black servant who works on the farm. 

As racial tensions explode on the farm, Lily is forced to make a choice and flees her home with Rosaleen who has been beaten and arrested. Now on the run, Rosaleen and Lily follow a hidden trail, left by Lily's mother. They ultimately find sanctuary with three beekeeping sisters and Lily starts a journey to discover what happened to her mother while facing the injustice and love of her surroundings in the world. 


Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read

Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read

Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read


This book was so stunning to read and I also enjoined the mysterey of it all!

While I was reading some other reviews, I found a women who wrote, 'I read this book whenever I am feeling down and I want to find a little hope in the world.' That really resoated with me as we are facing hard times, it is a good time to read storis of hope and love as we start the journey to support one another. 

Happy March reading and if you want to snag a copy you can grab one here. Thinking of you all! 

- Marisa xx


Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our March Read

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