Fuzzy Bee DIY: Forest Animal Gift Wrap

If you guys saw our wedding than you know we love WOODLAND themed everything! I grew up in central New York with all the tree, camp vibes, and animals galore. I wanted to do something a little fun and different this year since Adam and I were going to be staying in the UK for the holidays. That meant, we could get a real tree and I wanted some super cute  to go along!

I came up with this idea a couple weeks ago and then became totally obsessed! Drumroll please,.....! Today I'm launching forest animal gift wrap to go along with our tree! They are bright, colorful, and SOOO cute! I picked some of our favorite forest critters and we'll be teaching you how to make a couple of them today including the fox, deer, and owl! Let's begin! 

Forest Animal Gift Wrap

Forest Animal Gift Wrap


  • Wrapping paper colors: orange, gray, purple (Paperchase) 
  • Thick cardstock in white, pink, range of purples, black, and yellow (Hobbycraft) 
  • Scissors (Hobbycraft) 
  • Glue stick or hot glue (Hobbycraft) 
  • Gift wrap tape (Paperchase) 
  • Pom poms (Paperchase) 
  • All of the gift wrap and boxes we got this year are from Paperchase and they stock it year round so you can snag it anytime!


  1. Wrap each present with the wrapping paper. One gray, one purple and one orange for each animal. 
  2. We've created templates (below) for you to use below to create the noses, tails, eyes and more for each animal you are going to create. You can trace these onto the cardstock or you can also just use these shapes as a reference and cut out the different forms free hand. 
  3. We'll start with the fox! Cut out the ears, nose, eyes, and foxtail using the orange, yellow, white and black cardstock. Using the glue gun or hot glue, adhere each piece to the orange box to create the face, ear, and tail section. You can use the step by step guide below for attaching each piece! 
  4. Continue onto the raccoon and owl presents gluing and attaching each tail, eye, etc to the presents in order! 
  5. Pile your critters under the tree!  

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