Fuzzy Bee Feedback Survey 2020

Fuzzy Bee Feedback Survey 2020

It's that time of year again where I am planning, goal casting, and reflecting on my little business as I prepare for the next year! 

I always find this task really stressful and exciting. Making changes and being critical of my choices, finances, and projects can be a bit depressing and judgemental. I find myself wishing I was better at certain things or that I hadn't invested or spent my money in a certain way. BUT THAT'S THE POINT.

Being critical of myself and my business has also allowed me to make amazing changes in 2019. I re-branded and was super honest with myself that I didnt like the direction my company was going in. I was TERRIFIED to admit that out loud. Once I did, my company has blossomed up around me. It really showed me that making hard choices and being critical is so important to my business growing. 

I'm asking you guys to join my annual survey and give some feedback! EEK! Everyone who particpates will also get 25% off to the shop as a little thank you. The survey is available from 15th-22nd! 

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I'm also making some personal commitments to myself this year! I find that putting them in writing here always makes me take these goals seriously and it makes me a wee bit more accountable. Here we go! 


1. Shipping

One of the big struggles I always have (I know I'm not alone) is shipping. My customers are split between the US and UK and I find that my US customers are always frustrated by the lack of tracking and US shipping times on parcels. 

I've decided to tackle my communication on shipping a bit more and be more proactive in my messaging. I already provide upgrades to allow US customers to add tracking for an additional fee but I may try and make this more clear or come up with more creative solutions so packages have tracking! I know I am not alone in this battle but it is something I am always trying to improve on.


2. Planning In Advance 

Last year, I made some serious advances in this area and planned out my creative lines, sales, and marketing in advance. My goal this year is to utilize my down periods even further this year to make sure I am all lined up and not stressed out during the holiday period. 

It made me feel like a total boss bitch when I hit October and I was all ready to go with everything. I am aiming to make myself feel that way throughout all of 2020.

I also love doing online classes to better myself. I am currently taking the Elegant Excellence class with Hilary Rushford and am loving the goal casting and personal edge of the class. You can learn more about that here


3. Online Marketing 

I dabbled in some paid online advertising in 2019, I had not done that in years! So I am hoping to use some of my profits this year to invest in paid marketing and figure all of that out! 


4. Financial Planning 

This is probably my biggest goal of the year! I am hoping to do some classes on better book keeping practices.

More importantly, I want to take some more knowledgable decisions about long term financial investments and decisions in my biz. I grew a lot this year, so I am reaching the point where I may want/need help and I want to take some steps to educate myself before taking the plunge! 


5. Vacation For Me 

I am trying to take a step back from doing a crazy amount of North America travel this year. Adam and I have decided to re-focus and spend our money to finish off the house and we need a break. I am hoping to re-focus and do some traveling in Europe or around the UK and take time for US this year. 

The first trip we have planned is to an amazing Airbnb in March and I am SOOOOO excited. I love doing a staycation in Scotland and I am excited to share the location with you guys soon. 


I am so excited to get started and don't forget! I want to hear all your feedback as well and it gives me a ton of data and knowledge to work with as I make big decisions! 

Fuzzy Bee 2020 Annual Survey (click here)




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