Glasgow Etsy Made Local: Gift Guide!

Glasgow Etsy Made Local: Gift Guide!

It is finally December tomorrow and it feels like we are in the full Christmas swing! Orders are headed out and everyone is getting so excited about the season! 

This year we are participating in one event here in Glasgow, Scotland! It's an amazing fair that runs across the UK: Etsy Made Local. Local teams, run by amazing volunteers and makers, host weekend fairs filled with the best of what Etsy has to offer. Here in Glasgow, the fair has been running for a couple years and it is not one to be missed!

Sixty-Eight sellers will be showcasing at The Briggait December 1-2nd from 11 AM-4:30 PM. It's an amazing way to see all of the local talent and support makers here in Glasgow and beyond this season. 

I always have a peek at all of the sellers and pick some of the items I'm currently loving (for myself or family!). This year was SO HARD to pick some favorites but I've done a round up of some amazing sellers you can see in person this weekend OR shop their Etsy shops if you don't live here in Glasgow. There is still plenty of time for worldwide shipping, wink wink! 

Want to come this weekend? Visit the event page to attend Etsy Made Local 

1. Christmas Garland by Paper Street Dolls (£18.00) 

We love how fun and festive these lovely garlands are by Paper Street Dolls. They come in a ton of amazing colors and combos! 

2. Merino Wool Eyes Headband by Island Nation Design (£16.95)

 It is starting to get cold! We are loving this super cute eyes headband by Island Nation. It is perfect for the cold snow coming our way....WE HOPE! 

 3. Crochet Cactus by Emily Sian Hart (£32.50)

Looking for an adorable Christmas present? Look no further! Emily makes these amazing crochet cactuses and they are the perfect gift for the home and that plant killer in your life.

4. Monochrome Necklace by Jennifer Lemon Designs (£30.00) 

Full disclosure. I own this necklace from Jennifer Lemon Designs and it is so cute. It pairs well with everything and they come in a ton of different patterns and shapes. It makes the perfect statement necklace to wear every day.

5. This Is My Prosecco Bag by The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company (£13.00) 

We are loving this tote bag! We'll have a ton of them available this weekend and they are so great for grocery shopping or carrying an absurd amount of prosecco. You do you! 

 6. Hand Painted Paper Mache Ornament by East End Press (£6.00) 

You guys know we LOVE all things East End press. It's ok to admit you have a problem. We don't yet own these paper mache baubles but they are so cute and make a super cute bright and colorful ornament for the tree! 

7. Pom Pom Wreath by Flossifo (£60.00)

Pom Pom obsessed humans. We have found you the most adorable shop in the land. Flossifo has super cute earrings, garlands, and YES, Pom Pom wreaths! 

8. Glasgow East End Beanie by Lake And Loch (£25.00)

Love Scotland? This is the shop for you. Lake and Loch features beautifully made beanies featuring local areas and cities in Scotland. 

9. Dangle Earrings by J Aubrey Jewellery  (£55.00)

Looking for some beautiful jewellery? J Aubrey offers really different pieces ranging from earrings to statement necklaces. 

10. Lampshade by Tyler's Attic (£45.00)

Tylers Attic makes a range of fabulous home decor items. Our favorite are these amazing lampshades that come in some really amazing patterns and sizes! 

11. Rosehip Pyjama Crop by All That Is Braw (£40.00)

If you are not following All That is Braw on Insta, stop what you are doing. She makes AMAZING clothing but also talks a lot of women empowerment, in all its forms. A must to check out this season!

12. Cactus Pot by Ceri White Studios (£15.00)

We can never resist a cactus pot! This little guy is so cute and there is a range of really fun, handmade ceramic items you can get for that plant lover in your life over at Ceri White Studios. 

 13. Weaving Kit by The Squid Ink Co (£29)

Looking for a really fun and different gift? The Squid Ink Co offers a range of weaving looms and kits that make a fabulous DIY gift for any crafter in your life! 

14. Stoneware Dish by Clod And Pebble Shop 

Clod and Pebble Shop has a super cute range of ceramic ware for the home including butter and soap dishes that beautiful and make the perfect gift for the home. 

15. Geometric Paper Sculpture by Montague And West 

Montague and West have a cute range of prints, home goods, and these amazing paper sculptures. A really cute shop to find something different to give this season!

 17. Anna Hepburn Studio (£45.00)

Anna Hepburn studio is soooo cute! It has yarn necklaces, garlands, and home decor. Something super different to give this season!

18. Banter Coaster by Neon Gray Design (£3.50)

We love living in Scotland and this banter collection by Neon Gray is filled with all the slang and sayings it took us so long to learn! Super cute gift for locals and travelers alike!


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