New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals!

Our 2019 goal casting has been on fire recently! We've been doing a lot of behind the scenes decision making and 2019 is gonna BE BIG! 

I know that many people find a new year daunting but I really love starting fresh and taking some time at the beginning of the year to look back, reflect, and make changes. It's such a wonderful opportunity to do things differently and take a step back to look at the big picture. 

Today I am announcing some big and small business changes as I leap into 2019 and I always want to keep you guys informed and be transparent with how I am feeling and what I am doing behind the screen! Let's do this. 


New Year, New Site Picture


I can't thank you guys enough for taking the 2018 end of year survey! It was so incredibly helpful and interesting to see what you're looking for and to combine those with our own dreams for Fuzzy Bee land. I wanted to take some time to share some of the results! Here is what you guys asked for the most: 

  • More cards. Don't worry, we're never going to stop! This year I took a big step and weeded out all of the inventory I thought wasn't a good fit for The Fuzzy Bee moving forward. It meant saying goodbye to some of the first designs I ever made but it also felt really great to see how far I've come building the brand and feel to the shop! So I have some EPIC things planned for 2019! NO ONE PANIC!
  • Stationery Sets. I have to be honest, I was SUPER surprised by this! And also flattered that you guys want stationery sets of our goodies! I'll be working out how we can do this and what we will be including over the next months. 
  • Home goods. As I have grown, so has my interest in adulting! I've been really wanting to design some amazing home goods that I would want to have in my own home. I've loved sharing my home DIY's and designs on the blog and interior design is a huge passion of mine. I was chuffed when you guys said YOU WANNA SEE MORE! I have so many cool ideas! Again, stay tuned.   
  • Keep Blogging. It was cool (and awesome sauce!) to see that you read the blog! My 2018 goal was to keep blogging and bringing content to you guys. My 2019 goal is to be more consistent and to bring even better DIY's, freebies and epicness to you. You guys also loved seeing our kitchen DIY and personal posts and asked for more. I will let the 2019 blogging palooza commence and say no more! Let's just say Valentine's Day posts should be SWEET.  

New Year, New Site Blog Post


As you guys can see, The Fuzzy Bee has a fabulous new look! I was in the market to upgrade my site a couple months ago. The ultimate goal was to make it more functional for searching and checking out. When I started the process, I decided to also make a couple of changes! Cause, why not?!

Our brand colors have always been pink, black, and white. I took the opportunity to shift the feel to the site and make it a little more me, a little more 30 years old, not 23? Ya know? The Fuzzy Bee is still all about being fun, sassy, and awesome sauce. But I also want it the company to change with me aesthetically! 2019 marks a new chapter for The Fuzzy Bee and I hope you guys will like the new direction!



And now the biggest NEWS! Since moving to the UK, I had to make a lot of changes to the business, both in the creative direction I went in and how I produced my products. It has always been a struggle, straddling my company and ideas to fit both the UK and US markets. After living here for a while, I had a serious conversation with members of the stationery community on the differences in the markets and I found myself a bit at odds with what to do! Ultimately, it's resulted in my sales for the business being split down the middle and the production of my goods not getting to the US market fast enough.

For the past year, I have been researching and testing working with printers in the US to produce my goods! Surprise! It took me a long time to let go of the production end of mugs, prints, and cards but I was willing to declare defeat when I found a printer who could produce items better than me! So.... it is with great joy that I am announcing that ALL my goods will be shipping/produced in the USA from February onward. It also means I get a lot more time to be creative and spend time designing and less time fulfilling as a one woman show.

What does this mean?

For most of you. Nothing! It means my North American peeps will get goodies much faster and y'all will be VERY HAPPY.

For my European peeps, it means that will be optimized for shipping from the US. However, I have NOT forgotten you! My Etsy shop will still be optimized for you and I can more easily set low shipping rates for the products I am producing in the UK. I will also still be working with my UK stockists and you will still be able to buy all our products there as well. 





The last big surprise (that is a bit vague, cause I need to keep a good secret!) is that we are working on some plans to do a pop-up shop and ultimately a brick and mortar shop. Our first pop- up will be this year and we are making moves in the background. I am SOOO excited! As soon as we have more concrete details, you'll be the first ones to know! 

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