Our 2019 Annual Survey!

Our 2019 Annual Survey!

Hi Guys! (It's me, Marisa! Speaking here for team Fuzzy Bee) 

I'm so excited to launch our yearly check in with you guys. It's a bit early this year as we are having some fun changes and additions to the shop in January! A lot of it is hush, hush until I work out the launch and details so more on that in the new year! One big thing that is obvious is we are working on updating the cosmetics of the shop right now and making things super functional for checking out, selecting items and more. You guys have been so crucial on that end, giving feedback all year!

It's kind of been a crazy year of scaling the Fuzzy Bee up! We've have added a ton of new products based on the amazing feedback you guys gave us in 2018! Mugs and apparel have totally taken off and surprised me! I still can't believe you guys want to wear T-shirts we designed! And we're hoping to do the same this year and surprise you with amazing new things. 

 We've also been working really hard to make the Fuzzy Bee more professional and awesome looking to you as a consumer. That means, lots of product photos and learning crazy marketing skills on this side of the computer. Let's just say, it's been such an education! We've been taking professional development courses this year to expand our knowledge on things like Pinterest marketing, email marketing and more. And we could not have done that without all your patience as we learn how to use the internet. Lol! 

So! I'm here to ask you guys for your help, one more time, in taking our 2019 survey. It's a total of ten (super simple) questions so we can gain some feedback on how we are doing, what you guys love, what you hate, and what you want to see from us! Of course, we have some exciting content and products already in the works but your voice is so crucial so we can grow together :) 


And I am thanking you guys in advance! I LOVE reading your replies and hearing from you. Hope you all are having an amazing lead up to your holidays! We'll be in touch soon with all our fancy updates in the New Year! 


ANNNND! You'll get a unique 20% off code if you help a sister out by doing the survey :) You thought I forgot your prize didn't you! 


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