Our 7 Fuzzy Bee Blog And Shop Secrets Answered

Our 7 Fuzzy Bee Blog And Shop Secrets Answered

We have gotten some questions about how we run all the cool shit here at Fuzzy Bee HQ. From what printer we use, where Mr. Pop Tart clutch comes from, and our props for photo shoots. So we are here today to give you the low down on some fun things we love and incorporate into the blog and shop. WHAT WHAT! 

1. Printing 101- Epson R2000: I currently print all of my art prints and cards in-house. This might change as I have become a printing monster but I really enjoy having control over the look and feel of my cards right now. The printer I use is an Epson R2000. I've used this printer for about seven years. If you are in the market I suggest doing lots of research as Epson has some new options. I do really love the R2000 and can highly recommend the coloring and print quality. Shop the printer here.

2. Can't Clutch This by Studio DIY (AKA Mr. Pop Tart!): I constantly use Studio DIY's clutches in my photo shoots and take them everywhere with me. You can sign up for Can't Clutch this via their website and you get a clutch and some additional flair (if wanted) each month. My favorite so far has been the taco clutch and pop tart clutch.Mr. Pop Tart is featured right in this blog! Shop Studio DIY here. 

 3. Awesome Merch: We can't print everything in house so we do have our mugs and pencils printed with Awesome Merchandise. They are fabulous for small batches and test products if you are dipping your toe into the world of stationery. They offer a bazillion items to print and you can check out the full range over on their site. Shop Awesome Merch here. 

4. Tiger and Target: I love getting little props and things wherever I go. When I am in the states I always make some Target runs. The dollar section is my jam and then I bring back here to the UK. I also love Flying Tiger here in Europe. Everything is 1-5 pounds and super cheap to set up card and blog photo shoots. Shop Tiger here. 

 6. Shopify: We wrote a blog a couple months ago about our move to Shopify and we could not express how awesome the platform is. So, that is who we are using! They have monthly pricing depending on what you need! 

7. Papergang: We love stationery and being inspired by other incredible people. That's why we love Papergang, run by Ohh Deer. They have a monthly box of paper goodies sent to your home and designed by an illustrator each month. We use them as props and get some cool ideas for products. Sign up for the January Box here.   



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