Our 2019 Summer Line + Pool Float Must Haves!

Our 2019 Summer Line + Pool Float Must Haves!

I can always tell summer is coming when Glasgow has little peeps of sunshine and some magical days with NO RAIN! There was an incredible week, last month, where the sun was shining EVERY DAY. #UNREAL 

I went back and forth on releasing a summer line but I had a couple of cute designs I had prepared for warm weather and I just couldn't resist launching them with the release of the Party Boxes next week! 

Today, I'm giving you guys some MAJOR sneak peeks of some of the items launching on Tuesday!! Are you ready?! 


Our 2019 Summer Favorites: The Fuzzy Bee


First up! The newest design 'Girls Just Wanna Have Sun'. I love this new tee and YES it is coming in a mug (and other apparel!). It's a super cute beach tee and it looks so cute as a mommy and me pair! I'm also giving you guys a glance at our matching mug. BOOM! 


Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Mug


Next! Yup. It's happening. 5 BRAND NEW towel design are coming out. I think I am the most excited about these. I grew up near the water and I lived with my beach towel every day from the beach, sailing class, and swim lessons. I had so much fun designing these cutie pies and they are all filled with lots of color. 

All of the towels can be purchased individually but I also designed them all to go together as well if you want to mix and match a couple!



The last thing I'm sharing today is our new GRL PWR tee! You guys loved the Empowered Women Empower Women tee wee did for Women's History Month so I wanted to have new GIRL POWER tee in the shop that was great for summer. 

I also wanted to talk a bit about our tee sizes! All of the tees on the site come in petite to plus sizes. I am considered a plus size myself so it was imperative that I find flattering tees. I'm putting it out there, finding a loose fitting tee to wear with some leggings is sometimes next to impossible. I wear an XXL in Fuzzy Bee tees to have a loose style! I'm also going to try modeling Fuzzy Bee tees myself and sharing different size models on the blog/Insta so you guys can see how they fit. I've heard the same complaints from women who wear petite sizing so all the tees start at XXS.  

As you can see, the GRL PWR design is also gonna be a tan (Cause summer anywhere outside the UK is sweltering lol!) 


Grl PWR Tee


You'll see me wearing some of our new apparel and trying to make the impossible decision of what NEW pool floaty I'm gonna need for my USA trip in June. My parents live on a lake so naturally, I'm going to need one to float around in! What do you think! Vote on which item you think I should get! 


Our Favorite Summer Floats: Fuzzy Bee Blog


1. Icecream Sundae Flat Pool Float 2. Classic Flamingo Pool Float 3. Ice Ice Baby Cooler Bag 4. Electric Pool Float Inflater 5. Cherry Pool Float 6. Multi Color Beach Chair 7. Watermelon Beach Ball 8. Tropical Drink Coaster Pool Floats 9. Cockatoo Classic Pool Float 10. Beach Paddle Game 

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