Small Business Gifts We Want Under Our Tree!

Small Business Gifts We Want Under Our Tree!

The holiday season is finally upon us! We are busy little elves here at Fuzzy Bee HQ, sending your parcels off into the world!

As everyone starts heading out to holiday parties, collecting presents, and getting into the spirit, we wanted to remind you to shop small this season. This week is Black Friday and many small businesses will be offering what they can to entice you into their little online shops! It's so important to remember that every little purchase you make keeps a maker and designer happy and healthy. Both their business and creativity rely on you shopping small and thinking about where you put your money! Amazing work is created each year and every little purchase can make the difference for a shop owner. 

We'll be featuring a couple gift guides this season and we're starting with our 'Gifts For Her' guide. It features amazing wee shops from around the world. A lot of them are Etsy shops we are lovin right now and are the gifts from small businesses we want to see under our own tree. 

Let's start shopping small! 

Fuzzy Bee Boss Lady Mug

1. Strong Business Lady Mug by The Fuzzy Bee (£15.00) 

We've already sent some amazing biz ladies this mug for the holidays. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer or hot cocoa accessory for Christmas day! So boss ladies, this one is for you! 

Sloth Tshirt- Gifts For Her Round Up

2. Doing My Best Sloth T-shirt by Fox And Clover Boutique (£16.15) 

You ALWAYS need an adorable t-shirt to wear around the holidays or pair with a cute blazer. We love sloths over at Fuzzy Bee HQ and this super cute T by Fox And Clover Boutique is the perfect gift. 

Gifts For Her Christmas Gift Round Up

3. Metallic Diamond Pinata by Pinyatay (£35.00) 

Metallic holiday decor and this geometric pinata make the perfect party gift and prop for the season! So be a good friend and get the party started. 

Weave For The Home // The Fuzzy Bee Gift Guide

4. Woven Wall Hanging by Whisker Woven (£48.49) 

We've featured Whisker Woven on insta before and that's because we're totally obsessed with how fun their work is. We could buy 100 of these and still want more! Look at how cute this rainbow one is!

Fox Pouch // Fuzzy Bee Gift Guide

5. Fox Wallet by Small Queue (£52.53)

If you guys have seen our wedding photos, you know that Adam and I are obsessed with foxes! This adorable Fox Wallet is the perfect friend for your purse and makes a thoughtful gift for the season. 

Le Grand Fromage

6. Le Grand Fromage by The Lovely Drawer (£20.00)

We stumbled across The Lovely Drawer and fell in love with their prints and style. I mean look at this adorable Le Grande Fromage print. It's a wonderful print for your gallery wall! 

Ceramic Bowls Fuzzy Bee Gift Guide

7. Coffee/Tea Cup by SIND Studio (£31.11)

Mix pastels and some gold and we're in LOVE. These super cute cups are very versatile and can be used for tea, coffee, or to hold all your trinkets! A super cute stocking stuffer or gift for the hostess. 

Turtleneck Guft Guide Fuzzy Bee

8. Peach Grid Print Turtleneck by Zoe Miyori Fujii (£68.69) 

Looking for some quirky and fun style? We've been fans for a while of Zoe Miyori Fujii and this colorful turtleneck can pair with anything! 

Dress With Pockets Enamel Pin // The Fuzzy Bee Gift Guide

9. This Dress Has Pockets Enamel Pin by Kate Gabrielle (£10.48)

Dresses that have pockets? YES, MA'AM. Kate Gabrielle makes lovely enamel pins for the avid nerds,(like us!), who love the X-files, and girls who smash the patriarchy. We love this super cute pin that celebrates our favorite kind of dress! 

Fuzzy Bee Gift Guide

 10. Pink Paddle Cutting Board by For The Host (£36.26) 

You guys know we're cheese lovers and this cute paddle cutting board is pretty much dying to have some brie on it! Makes a lovely gift for the hostess or the perfect gift under the tree for that chef in your life. 

11. Size Does Matter Funny Wine Print by The Fuzzy Bee (£15.00) 

Size really does matter. Wine lovers rejoice! This super cute print comes in a range of sizes and framing options right here in The Fuzzy Bee shop! 

11. Boho Chic Earrings by Epuu (£33.94)

Epuu earring are just drop dead gorgeous and make the perfect gift for her this season. We're digging these boho-chic classic right now but the shop is full of beautiful jewelry for her!  

12. Rose Travel Candle by Janet Gwen Designs (£12.89)

We started using travel candles a couple years ago and they just make a home away from home feel right! These are lovely handmade candles by Gwen designs that are perfect for relaxation and any stocking. 

13. Medium Plush Cactus by Samak Design (£29.00) 

A plus cactus is the perfect home decor gift of the season. We've been loving the quality and design of Samak design and they come in so many colors! 

14. Knitted Hat by Affric (£26.00) 

Winter is upon us and hat season is here! We love beanies and this super cute one is produced right here in Scotland. We love the pastel vibes. 

15. Start Tea Bag by Tea Heritage (£6.85)

It's always tea time here in the UK and these tea bags come in so many lovely shapes and sizes. A lovely gift to pair with mugs and the perfect hostess gift!  


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