Fuzzy Bee DIY: Christmas Tags!

Fuzzy Bee DIY: Christmas Tags!

Happy Friday Fuzzy Bees!

We've had a really busy week here in the studio wrapping up orders, sending out stockist merchandise, and prepping for Etsy Made Local. On Tuesday I made a bunch of gift tags for Christmas. I loved some of them so much I couldn't wait to share and decided, hell with it, let's do a freebie printable!

Free Printables


We made some delightful ornaments, gingerbread houses, and some sassy quote tags. Why have boring tags when you can have this awesome sauce! We paired these guys with our brand new wrapping paper to make it a very colorful Christmas scene. So if you are in need of some Christmas cactus or Santa Sleigh wrap, we've got you covered. Shop the wrap, tags, and pom poms HERE!

Christmas Tags DIY

 I put some of my new favorites all on one A4 downloadable page! (DOWNLOAD IT HERE) 

Once you download the tags all you need to do is print, punch a hole, and tie them up with some string. I use twine for all of my own tags! 

DIY Christmas Tag Printable

Christmas Present Tag DIY

Fuzzy Bee Gift Tags

Fuzzy Bee Wrapping Paper

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