Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: London, UK

Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: London, UK

Adam and I went on a wee jaunt to London last month to visit our friend Mary and Aaron! It was a fabulous trip for us to get away and visit with friends. In the past, I've always gone with work so it was great to be away from an office and the super touristy areas. This is a fabulous guide of some 'off the beaten track' parts of London for an already savvy traveler. 


On Saturday we went to Camden Market which was fun, hip, and filled with amazing smells! Even in the rain is so much fun to weave through the market and see so many amazing wee shops. Our top spots: 

Camden Market: Filled with shops, stalls, pop-ups, event spaces, restaurants and more! I think I made it clear that if I lived anywhere near here I would blow up like a balloon and eat Venezuelan food every day. 

Half Hitch Gin: Amazing little gin production being brought back to the market. It smells and tastes AMAZING. Their gin is flavored with botanicals including Malawian black tea and Calabrian bergamot and produced by a local North Londoner. 

Camden Market

Arepazo Bros: I actually have no words on how amazing my food was from this place. They make amazing Venezuelan wraps using corn flour type pancakes. They stuff them with meat, avocado, beans, cheese, plantains, and spicy sauce. So messy and to die for! 

Cereal Killer: I didn't go (Because Adam is a cereal hater) but Mary and Aaron highly recommend this for a mid-day dessert. Super 90's and super fun with a ton of American cereals, milk options, 'cereal cocktails', and 90's nostalgia. 

Cereal Killer Cafe


On Sunday we went along to Shoreditch for a scavenger hunt of local street art. It was super fun to walk around the city, drink beer, and look at some really great art. Our top spots: 

Hidden City: We did a 1.5-mile walk through Shoreditch using this fun texting scavenger hunt. They send you clues from spot to spot. It took us about 2.5 hours to complete the walk with beer stops along the way. The whole walk was £25 and was a really fun way to sightsee with purpose! 

Brick Lane: Always filled with hustle and bustle, Brick Lane is great for a busy stroll or delicious food. If you love curry the way we love curry. GO HERE. 

The London Artisan: Right near brick lane is a lovely handmade artist market. Filled with some prints and ceramics that I would love to have!

Brick Lane London

Brick Lane London

The London Artisan


The Duke's Head: This is a local pub in Highgate that Mary and Aaron took us to. I would love to come back here earlier in the night as I was a bit 'beered' out by this point. Their beers and cocktails looked fabulous and we were told their 'pop-up' food every month is super amazing. 

Brew Dog: If you are stuck on where to go Brew Dog is always a great option with food and drinks galore. They are all around Camden and Shoreditch. 

Cargo: This is actually a late night bar I've been to before and would highly recommend. Great beers, busy atmosphere and a bit loud and fun. 

Duke's Head Highgate London

The Duke's Head London Highgate

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