• When You Have a Cookie Dough Obsession...

    Ok, I have a total cookie dough obsession. I saw a version of this cake and I knew it was meant to be in my mouth lol! It's the perfect combination of cookie dough, chocolate, and whipped cream. If you love an indulgent cake, THIS IS FOR YOU.  I wanted to release this recipe just in time for Vale... View Post
  • Valentine Gingerbread Cookies

    I am a huge sucker for baking during the holidays and Valentine's, as you know, is my favorite! 

    I was just saying to Adam that Valentine's Day when your a teenager or just starting to date IS SO AWKWARD. It's like a weird pressure to have an amazing date night out on the town for no reason. PSA alert. There is no need to book a crazy restaurant and buy roses. I love to avoid the pressure and celebrate the season by baking, making crafts, and then settling in for a rom-com and some fancy nachos the night of! 

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  • Mulled Wine + Finnish Joulutorttu

    Tis the season when I take any excuse to bake delicious things! I got things started early this year making these delicious little Finnish treats for the blog.

    I studied abroad in Finland when I was a teenager so I always try to make some of these treats for the holiday season as a little treat that takes me down memory lane. Christmas in Finland is magical and snowy like New York. These pinwheels go great with mulled wine or coffee around the fire. They are also a lovely treat to make for friends and family as a wee treat. 

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  • 25 Days Of Halloween: Fuzzy Bee Movie Marathon

    Ok witches! (and men who hang with cool witches) 

    This year Adam and I have decided to do the ultimate Halloween movie/show marathon! It's our little way of getting into the holiday spirit. From comedies, horror, black and white films, Netflix's new Sabrina, and Hocus Pocus classics, we have this spooky movie list on lockdown. And guess what?! We are sharing our whole list below. Print it out, share it, and start a movie marathon!   

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  • Delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Blondies

    You guys know from the other things I make for the blog that there are two things I LOVE. One is chocolate chip cookies and the other is peanut butter. So look no further! I made these amazing little guys in a circular tart pan and then sliced it up like pie. They are so moist and yummy and perfect for summertime picnic or potluck. SO here we go. Let's make some awesome in the oven. View Post
  • Our Delicious DIY Valentine Heart Cake!

    Love is in the air and we love nothing more than some delicious Valentine baking! I've always wanted to tackle a whole big valentine cake and decided to have a real throwback to making shape cakes. When I was little my mom would always make shape cakes for events and birthdays. It is a really fun way to make a statement and have a lot of fun! View Post
  • Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies. I Am So Serious.

    My sister-in-law is a total BADASS baker. About three years ago I tasted her epic chocolate chip cookies and totally fell in love. These really are the best ever chocolate cookies!

    Her recipe came in handy when I moved to the UK and started having American dessert withdrawal. Now don't get me wrong UK, I am sometimes ok with attempting to eat your jelly desserts (oh I am sorry, puddings!), sponge cakes, and meringues but for the most part, I would trade these for American desserts ANY DAY. There is something so great about American cookies and cakes and the astonishing amount of butter and sugar we use. To keep me sane I make this recipe in the house all the time. 

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  • Raspberry Pop Tarts

    There is nothing like a good pink pop tart when you miss the USA! These raspberry pop tarts can be made with any fruit in the inside and are lovely as a sweet breakfast item! Make them here on the blog. View Post


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