• Our 2019 Annual Survey!

    I'm so excited to launch our yearly check in with you guys. It's a bit early this year as we are having some fun changes and additions to the shop in January! You may have noticed we are working on updating the cosmetics of the shop right now and making things super functional for checking out, selecting items and more. You guys have been so crucial on that end, giving feedback all year! View Post
  • We're Launching Early: The Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line 2018!

    Hola Fuzzy Bees! 

    So first off, I normally launch the autumn palooza in August, just in time for apple cider, sweaters, and my favorite....infinity scarves lol!

    However, since autumn is my favorite season I am getting married!!!! (Yes, to Adam! Who else?) I haven't been that vocal about it but I've been planning two weddings. One in my home state of New York and one here in Glasgow. So I'll be jet-setting back home in September! Yes, I promise lots of pictures and I think you guys will LOVE the gazillions of DIY's I have going on. More on that later.

    Sooooo, that means I did a major hustle and am launching all the new products in JULY! It is like a super early Christmas! I am launching 20 (YES 20!!!) new cards in the shop today, new tote bags, and new prints.

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  • The 2018 Survey Is Here!

    I'm so excited to launch our yearly check in with you guys right before Valentine's Day. This year is a bit different. It's the first year we are doing the Fuzzy Bee work full time and we've been spending January in our little studio hole coming up with new and fabulous things for the year. From new products, blogs, fair, and growth plans...we have a lot going on. Psst..we also have a survey/discount below so keep reading! View Post
  • Our 7 Fuzzy Bee Blog And Shop Secrets Answered

    We have gotten some questions about how we run all the cool shit here at Fuzzy Bee HQ. From what printer we use, where Mr. Pop Tart clutch comes from, and our props for photo shoots. So we are here today to give you the low down on some fun things we love and incorporate into the blog and shop. WHAT WHAT!  View Post
  • We Just Made The Move To Shopify! Here is Why!

    This month has been a super busy one and not for the reason's you are thinking! I know Christmas is coming and my printer seems to always be running! However, the last couple weeks I've actually be held up in my home office working on making a move to a new website! So without further ado...HERE IS OUR NEW STORE! View Post
  • 9 Tools We Use To Keep Business Life Super Organized

    We have some amazing online and social tools we use to keep the fuzzy bee focused and on track. Here are some of our personal favorites we are currently using! View Post
  • A Very Fuzzy Update!

    Two months ago I made a really big decision to leave my full-time job for the second time.

    The first time I left my job it was to move to the UK. At times it actually felt like the whole world was tumbling around me when I first moved. I had to give up my job, my apartment, and the city I lived in. It was also a long road of understanding the UK market, connecting with the Etsy team here in Glasgow, and trying to figure out how to grow my business in a new country. Needless to say, there was a lot going on. When the opportunity came to work with my old company and gain some sense of stability I jumped at the opportunity.

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  • What The Heck Is Bullet Journaling? And Why I Took The Plunge

    Essentially Bullet Journaling is a creative way of tracking and applying small or long-term goals/needs in journal form. I got into Bullet Journaling because I was finding it hard to use the traditional method of a planner or calendar when it came to my creative business. When I opened up the door to bullet journaling I quickly realized that some people are SUPER INTENSE and put like oodles of hours and creative flair into these things. It doesn't have to be too crazy and it can be a really calming and fun way to organize your life! I thought I would create a quick starter cheat sheet that I found helpful to getting started and to calm your fears that you ARE cool enough to journal.  View Post


My name is Marisa and I am the illustrator and owner of Highland +Honey.

Welcome to the blog! Here I will ty and share all of the shop updates, new collections, my home, seasonal DIY's and ALL the behind the scenes! 

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