Thankful + Grateful From The Fuzzy Bee

Thankful + Grateful From The Fuzzy Bee

Hello everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Today I am actually working at my home studio in Glasgow and am supremely jealous of all the turkey posts I will see. Don't panic, I am getting my UK turkey day on Sunday and fully plan on having three pies and all the goods! My turkey, who I have named Ed is in the fridge. 

I figured it was time for a solid check in with all of you. This time of year I am always reflecting on what I have done over the past year and what is to come! I have a problem with being too futuristic so I like to stay grounded on Thanksgiving. Here is a little thank you and updates of Fuzzy Bee life: 

SO...THANK YOU!!! : This year overall has been totally crazy. I quit my job in May, moved across the pond, got a little confused about my career and finding a job and have been the most creative since I left college. Through all of this I had my family, friends and creative community who ARE AWESOME! Even right now while I am starting a new crazy project, The Beehive Box, everyone has been so thoughtful and supportive. So kudos to you for being epically sweet! 

THE BEEHIVE BOX: This project has been really cool to work on so far! If you haven't seen it yet please do I am working with six other Scottish artists for my first box subscription service. There are 3 tiers of boxes at different prices. They are ALL AWESOME. Overall, I have really enjoyed and been inspired by some of these gals around me. Owning and building your own business is messy and they all do it with such grace. I cannot wait to see this project grow and share more with you as it happens. 

THE FUZZY BEE: The Fuzzy Bee has been so much fun since quitting my job. Don't get me wrong. For those of you who know me, I really loved my old sales job. But having the time to work solely on a creative role and have the time and energy to create things had been awesome. I'm not tired at 9 pm trying to send out orders after a full day. I feel the energy from you guys as well and the feedback had been awesome. Most of all it means I have been able to say yes to new projects and I have some really cool things happening in January! Stay tuned :) 

WHAT'S TO COME: So I guess what I want to say is that I am totally figuring things out over the next couple months. I am still settling into my new digs and trying to figure out what this company is going to look like. Now on Thanksgiving, I just wanted to let you know I am grateful for you staying in touch and being an awesome beehive of humans. Keep it real. 



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