Real Talk: The Girl Power Mantra

Real Talk: The Girl Power Mantra

Waaaayyy before I started at The Fuzzy Bee I worked in a sales job in Boston. My job was to work with Girl Scouts USA and my company in partnership to implement international travel programs for young women. Girls ages 13-18 could raise money, learn life skills, budgeting, travel knowledge, and work towards a big international trip. For most of these girls, it took 3-4 years of hard work in Girl Scout to accomplish the budgeting and work for a trip of a lifetime. 

It was a job that I found incredibly fulfilling and I had an absolute blast (most of the time)! I got the best of both worlds when it came to seeing Girl Power in action. In my day to day, I had some amazing female bosses and co-workers. I got to see badass woman first-hand handle accounts, nail a sales call, and take no prisoners. I also got to see the empowerment of young women and how they became confident and badass through female-led programming in Girl Scouting. 

Girl Power Mantra

When I left that job, I felt a void for a really long time. I felt my old job gave me a sense of purpose. Even when the job sucked, I knew that these trips and working towards them changed a girls life forever. It was important to me that I incorporate a female-centric business and ethos into my brand.

A lot of you guys have commented that the shop focuses a lot on being a #strongbusinesswomen. To me, running a business and being a female is a TOUGH job. Fighting the pay gap and fighting against the patriarchy is REAL. I create boss lady prints, t-shirts, and work because that is what inspires me as an artist. I think it is important that young women are surrounded by other strong boss ladies and empowering artwork. My hope is that a little fuzzy bee print hanging in an office can make you smile and keep a sassy business girl going! Keep #sassingthepatricarchy

Below are some of my favorite items and new arrivals to the shop! I always keep the 'Girl Power Vibes' section on the front page so you find everything you need! 



Girl Power Vibes 

1. Female Empowerment RBG Women's Tshirt ($25) 2. Women Rule The World Coffee Mug ($15) 3. Women Rule The World Tshirt ($25) 4.The Present Is Female Tote Bag 9 ($17.95)  5. Stay Fabulous Ostrich Greeting Card ($4.50)  6.. Women Rule The World Art Print ($15)  

The Resistance Is Female Art Print

The Resistance Is Female Art Print (Starting at $11) 

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