We Just Made The Move To Shopify! Here is Why!

We Just Made The Move To Shopify! Here is Why!

This month has been a super busy one and not for the reason's you are thinking! I know Christmas is coming and my printer seems to always be running! However, the last couple weeks I've actually be held up in my home office working on making a move to a new website! So without further ado...HERE IS OUR NEW STORE!

I am always in favor of a company having their own website and brand away from Etsy or other online stores. It gives customers a chance to know YOU. For the past five years, I have been using Squarespace as my host and had loved using them. I found their platform design friendly and super easy to use for someone who is not advanced in code.

The issue came about two months ago when I wanted to start building a wider network with my Pinterest following. My main goal over the next year was to develop a better 1-5 year plan for my marketing and refocus my social media presence into Pinterest and Instagram. Years ago I had enabled rich pins on Pinterest for marketing my cards and products. When I re-visited how my pins were doing and started looking to Pinterest as a growth revenue, I realized that only about 50% of my pins were rich pin enabled. After some investigation, (cough, with Adam because he actually knows what he is doing) I found that Squarespace was blocking Pinterest and something on their end was stopping my pins from getting optimized on Pinterest's end as a rich pin. I contacted their customer service as was told politely that: 

a) They knew this was happening to their customers 

b) They had zero timeline to actually do anything about it 

My goals of growing my Pinterest customer tool seemed to be collapsing around me and I felt stagnant. After doing some more research online and noticing that some of my other creativepreneurs had also switched to other platforms I decided to take the Shopify plunge. I must say I AM LOVING IT. 

 My storefront is brand new! You will notice I have all of my products also available on Facebook for purchase. Next week you will also be able to purchase all of the items right from Pinterest itself! Lastly, I have a new message feature on Shopify and you can chat me up or ask questions about products during the day. I am super excited for this new chapter with the fuzzy bee and would love to hear what you guys think of the new digs.

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