We're Launching Early: The Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line 2018!

We're Launching Early: The Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line 2018!

Hola Fuzzy Bees! 

So first off, I normally launch the autumn palooza in August, just in time for apple cider, sweaters, and my favorite....infinity scarves lol!

However, since autumn is my favorite season, I am getting married instead!!!! (Yes, to Adam! Who else?) I haven't been that vocal about it but I've been planning two weddings. One in my home state of New York and one here in Glasgow. So I'll be jet-setting back home in September! Yes, I promise lots of pictures and I think you guys will LOVE the gazillions of DIY's I have going on. More on that later.

Fuzzy Bee Autum Collection


Sooooo, that means I did a major hustle and am launching all the new products in JULY! It is like a super early Christmas! It's been a flurry of creativity and I can honestly say, I have never been more excited about new stuff in a long time. I basically stopped using social media for two weeks and just sat there being creative and having fun. I had so much success with the stuff I created that I am launching 20 (YES 20!!!) new cards in the shop today. There are also new tote bags AND prints! GAHHHH

Birthday Card 2018 Autumn Line

Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line 2018

In addition to all the new paper products, I have also been secretly working on some other items. Gasp! I know. I normally get so excited that I give you guys way too many peeks. Later this month we will be launching....some new notepads, pencils annnddd...(drumroll) T-SHIRTS!

I have kinda, sort of been keeping a lid on this :) I have been dying to do a T-shirt line of stuff I would wear in my own studio and out and about! I finally plucked up the courage to design them. I think you guys will LOVE them! I don't want to give too much away. Let's just say there is some serious feminist, Lorelai Gilmore vibes going on! 

Please, please, please go explore the new line here in the shop or on Etsy! Parts of our new line are also available with our partners Not On The High Street and Thortful! 

Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line - Prosecco Bag

Prosecco Tote Bag

Lets  Make Stuff Art Print

You Are Engaged - The Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line

cactus thank you card

Queer Eye Card

Fuzzy Bee Autumn Line

Fuzzy Bee Partners

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