We're Launching Our Fuzzy Bee Brand Ambassadors Club!

We're Launching Our Fuzzy Bee Brand Ambassadors Club!

I've been wanting to hang out with you for a while! The Fuzzy Bee Insiders group opened a couple months ago and it's such a cool place to get the news about our freebies and sales.

Soooo, I had a crazy idea! I would love some of you crazy awesome fans to start working with me as a FABULOUS BRAND AMBASSADOR. I explain a little bit more below on why I want to get this girl gang started :)

Why in the heck am I doing this?! 

What is so cool in today's world is that you can interact with brands in a new way! Some of my favorite small business brands work with brand ambassadors and I really love following along in their journey and hearing from real people using their products. It has inspired me to start working with YOU (yes YOU!) this year. I am so excited to start this community and I want/need Fuzzy Bee fans to join in the fun. 

The Fuzzy Bee is all about sass, fun, and a dusting of girl power and my hope is to cultivate a group of fabulous humans who want to join me! My ultimate goal is to get some of my new products into a brand ambassadors hands so they can experience the products and brand that I'm building and be a voice in the brand.

What am I looking for in a brand ambassador?! 

I am looking for amazing humans who LOVE some of the Fuzzy Bee goodies they have seen us share! If you've been following me on insta, facebook, or you read the blog and love what you see. MESSAGE ME! Turns out I think you're pretty cool too and would love to share ideas and The Fuzzy Bee with you.

I am also looking for your feedback on all the knick-knacks and goodies you receive! As a one-woman small business, it is so helpful to get feedback and ideas and what you guys want to see. I built this brand for you!

Lastly, I want ambassadors who like to take photos and want to share with their own friends and family when it's something you LOVE! No one panic, I'll tell you what I'm looking for by email! 

I will be giving products away for free / at heavy discounts each month to our chosen brand ambassadors in exchange for all of the above!

I would love to chat and send you all the deets. Just email me at or message us on Insta!


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