What The Heck Is Bullet Journaling? And Why I Took The Plunge

Essentially Bullet Journaling is a creative way of tracking and applying small or long-term goals/needs in journal form. I got into Bullet Journaling because I was finding it hard to use the traditional method of a planner or calendar when it came to my creative business. When I opened up the door to bullet journaling I quickly realized that some people are SUPER INTENSE and put like oodles of hours and creative flair into these things. It doesn't have to be too crazy and it can be a really calming and fun way to organize your life! I thought I would create a quick starter cheat sheet that I found helpful to getting started and to calm your fears that you ARE cool enough to journal. Here we go:

Example Bullet Journal Page

WHAT YOU NEED: In order to feel like a total badass you need a cute journal. I got a nice neon one from Paperchase. So I recommend investing $20-25 on something you want to carry around with you. I also use a black Stabilo marker pen (black). Best to use pens that are not going to bleed through your pages! So head to Target or wherever you need to go and make it happen!

WHAT TO JOURNAL: I use my bullet journal for my creative business and personal day to day shit I need to do. I also use it for long-term goals I want to do. So for example: 

  • Year at a Glance 
  • Weekly Agenda 
  • Food Lists 
  • Home Projects 
  • Blog Posts by Month 
  • Fuzzy Bee Projects and Goals 

HOW TO START: All Bullet Journals have a couple essentials and then you can go as cray or as simple as you want. So here is how to start: 

1. Index and Key: Your key sets you up to list tasks or goals as completed, not completed, in progress ect. Make these symbols something you are actually going to use. I do something as simple as filling in the box, leaving it empty or an X to signify I am working on it. Some key examples are below! Next up you need to make an index. This can be on the same page as the key or an entirely new page, up to you! The index will basically be your table of contents to tell you where certain important pages are as you go along. Some example starter pages are below: 

Example Bullet Journal Page

Example Bullet Journal Page

2. Create a Future Log or Year at a Glance: Next you need to create a nice calendar called a future log of the months of the year. This will allow you to keep track of all those lofty goals, plans, holidays, things you need to do by month. I am always adding and taking away things from mine so leave lots of room if you are a busy human! At the same time, you can create a future log page with all of the months of the year to keep your dates straight. 

Example Bullet Journal Page

3. Set Out your Monthly Pages: Next set up some monthly pages. I do one month at a time as it comes and my other pages I add as I go along. These can be super cool. I have limited time so I went for something super simple but you can have really fun and crazy layouts. I recommend that you Pinterest 'Bullet Journal Monthly Spread" and find some cool one you want to use for your first go. 

4. Make it Fancy: Last but not least add whatever extra pages and fun you think would be good for you. I have made a house project page, birthday page, and food shopping lists. Make the bullet journaling world your oyster. I have posted some pages I love below to get those creative juices flowing. Most of all, make the journal fun. I have gotten into the habit of journaling at the end of the day while I watch TV and it helps me to feel accomplished like I working towards certain goals. Have questions? Ask me in the comments below.   

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