The History Of Why We Send These Little Pieces Of Paper

The History Of Why We Send These Little Pieces Of Paper

What makes sending and receiving cards such an important part of our events and lives? These little pieces of paper bring such joy and sentiment to our family and friends and yet do we even know why we send them?

My WHOLE business started with creating and curating cards for birthdays, Valentine's Day and Christmas and yet I had never done a deep dive into what makes celebrating these events (with cards!) so important. 

After a little deep dive I found out that the tradition of sending greeting cards has it's origins in ancient Egypt and China where they would send greetings for celebrations and New Years.

The tradtion blossomed as societal England used to exchange small paper Valentine's Day. As there still was no post office, this exchnage hapoened by private delivery or in person.   


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In the 1800's the greeting card industry and design process finally began. With the creation of the stamp and Post Office, sending cards and eventually small illustrations became easier than ever. 

The first known Christmas card was sent by Sir Henry Cole, who designed and sent cards to his family and friends for the season. He was a PURE genius! 

It was throughout the 1800-1900's that illustrated cards became the norm. Illustators, print makers, and paper makers started creating designs to be sold for Christmas, Valentine's, and even birthdays.

It is NO WONDER that the UK send smore greeting cards than any other country since the rich tradition of posting these small treasure truly started here. 


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With my own birthday and Christmas around the corner, I find that it is important to understand why we celebrate, how these traditions started, and how we can continue them for generatios to come. 

If you have been with me since the beginning you'll know the whole shop started with a single card. Last year I made the decision to rebrand and I took down ALL of my old cards in the shop. It has been a year of growing, learning, and trying to make sure the new cards feel and look like ME!  

It's been a real soul searching year for me in creating cards specifically! So thank you for purchasing and supporting me and my own creativity this year! There are lots of amazing little pieces of paper for you to send in the shop! Go have a look!


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