• Adding A Little Sugar: Valentine Cut Out Cookies

    I'm FINALLY getting back to blogging this season and trying to take more moments away from ALL business to share a little more of me and life over here in Highland and Honey lockdown.  This Valentine's Day I wanted to do a classic family tradition, sugar cookie cut outs! Growing up my mom had thi... View Post
  • Our September 2020 Read: The Witches of New York

    It's the time of year that is so in-between. It's not really autumn but it's not really summer anymore. This year it feels even more unsettled as some students are going to school and other are not all over the world. Some people are trying to get back to normal and other are not. Countries are o... View Post
  • 7 Ways To Style Your Favorite New Print

    As a print maker I get asked this question A LOT! How do you style prints and what looks best?!  Today, I am showing you seven ways to style new pieces and some top tips I use myself when I am styling my own space. 1. The classic solo framed piece. Hanging a piece solo can make sense for certain... View Post
  • Highland + Honey: All About The New Brand Name!

    OMG, right?! A new fabulous shop name! I've been keeping this a secret for about a year! I can't believe the day is finally here.  Last year I launched a new autumn line that was more in tune with my own aesthetic. I wanted create a store that I would shop at, visit, and swoon over. The way I ill... View Post
  • 12 Of My Favorite Podcasts To Listen To In The Studio

    If you have ever spent a day packing up orders, or cleaning the studio (or house!), you know it can be SUPER boring! A little background noise can go a long way to making my packing sessions faster and fun. During lockdown I have totally exhausted watching my true crime shows and Gilmore Girls so... View Post
  • Our Favorite Summer Solstice Sangria

    I promised to share this yummy sangria for sunny days and it's finally here. I'm a big fan of making Sangria year round. I often switch up the fruits each season or even add a little cinnamon/nutmeg for autumn. This is my own recipe I've been making since university and it was a hit then and it c... View Post
  • Casa Connelly: Our Small Bathroom Update!

    Our 2020 DIY escapades continue! In May I decided we were going to totally gut and re-do our small downstairs bath. I had SO many dreams for this little bath and really wanted to make it feel trendy, luxurious, and relaxing. It is finally 99% done while I wait on a flooring threshold but I decide... View Post
  • Casa Connelly: Our Kitchen Revamp Is Done!

    In March, I broke the news that Adam and I were finally tackling ALL of the house projects and major DIY's we have been avoiding! Little did I know I was going to be stuck on my home with no other hobbies than making major home improvements. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat with me that ... View Post


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