• 5 Tips + Tricks To Stop Being A Plant Killer

    In 2015, I moved to Scotland and became a total plant lady. It happened slowly, picking up a plant here or there. I made it a habit of saying, 'Oh I found this cute ceramic pot and he needs a friend' and maybe I was subconsciously trying to emulate the beautiful homes with plants on Pinterest. I ... View Post
  • We're Launching Our Fuzzy Bee Brand Ambassadors Club!

    I've been wanting to hang out with you for a while! The Fuzzy Bee Insiders group opened a couple months ago and it's such a cool place to get the news about our freebies and sales. Soooo, I had a crazy idea! I would love some of you crazy awesome fans to start working with me as a FABULOUS BRAND ... View Post
  • The Fuzzy Bee Gets Married: Our New York Wedding

    Ok, ok ok! So I've been wanting to post these for a while but Adam and I have officially been in wind-down mode from celebrating not one...but TWO WEDDINGS! Before you ask, yes I wore the dress twice and can highly recommend it.

    Let's just say it was crazy! We have just now been writing our thank you's to everyone and enjoying some much needed personal time. It's been a couple weeks of lying low and we're finally able to share some amazing shots from our New York wedding. 

    View Post
  • Real Talk: The Girl Power Mantra

    Waaaayyy before I started at The Fuzzy Bee I worked in a sales job in Boston. To date when people ask I tell them I worked in travel but it was so much more than that! My job was to work with Girl Scouts USA/my company in implementing international travel programs for young women. Girls ages 13-18 could raise money, learn life skills by doing badges, and work towards a big international trip that they would complete towards the end of their Girl Scouting time in high school. View Post
  • Thankful + Grateful From The Fuzzy Bee

    Hello everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Today I am actually working at my home studio in Glasgow and am supremely jealous of all the turkey posts I will see. Don't panic, I am getting my UK turkey day on Sunday and fully plan on having three pies and all the goods! My turkey, who I have named Ed is in the fridge.  View Post


My name is Marisa and I am the illustrator and owner of Highland +Honey.

Welcome to the blog! Here I will ty and share all of the shop updates, new collections, my home, seasonal DIY's and ALL the behind the scenes! 

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