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Mood Board: Northern Lights Collection

Mood Board: Northern Lights Collection

| Marisa Woods

I am the most organized for the holiday season in the shop than I ever have been before! This year I decided to take October for myself instead of launching a third Halloween collection and I am so glad I did! It definitely left space for me to plan for the magic winter! 

Since starting Highland and Honey I have always and I mean ALWAYS done a pink Christmas. I really wanted to push myself to do something different creatively this year. Over the summer I turned to Adam and said what if I just celebrated what I love about Christmas? I come from one of the snowiest places in America and having six feet snow drifts is just your avereage day! I LOVE SNOW and the magic a dusting of can bring. 

So the 'Northern Lights' collection was born! It's all about the magic of being out during the season, the air is a bit crisp, there are twinkling lights, and you just have a moment of magic in the air! I am here to help you make some little moments of magic around your home with some super cute pieces you can sprinkle your space with for Christmas or all winter long!



Stock has been pouring into the studio for a couple months! I am finally unpacking it all as the last autumn sale goodies get sent out this week! The studio is going to transform into a winter wonderland over the next days.  

The whole collection will be launhcing November 1st at 8PM BST and will be available for four weeks TOTAL! 

Why four weeks?! I am headed to New York for Christmas to spend some much needed time with my family, gathering up some inspiration, and to stay off my phone for a bit! The launch is in November because everything is going to be ready made and ready to get packed out to your holiday homes! This gives me some time to sew and create H+H exclusive pieces for you!

I will be starting to share sneak peeks this weeks with my full photoshoot and behind the scenes starting next week. I cannot wait to see what you guys think!

Here is a little peek at some of my mood board peeks for the collection. 


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