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Fabulous Pre-Orders And How They Work- Launch Two

Fabulous Pre-Orders And How They Work- Launch Two

| Marisa Woods

It's that time of year again when the shop gets busy busy for Autumn and I am trying to make magic (like my favorite aunt duo) and make sure some witchy pieces can land on your door for the 'ber' months ahead!

Based off of lots of feedback from last year I wanted to offer a couple pre-order goodies for you to grab before the 'Practical Maguc' collection lands September 7th 2023. I was so blown away by the last pre-orders that I have made some changes for launch two. All of the details are below!

  • What is on pre-order? Both new apparel, printed pieces, and a couple handmade items are on pre-order before the 'Practical Magic' collection launch. Sweatshirt pre-orders have just opened this Friday, Sep 1st! 
  • How do I put in the pre-order today? All you need to do is add the pieces to your cart and checkout the way you would for any other order.
  • When is payment taken? Now. These will be ordered immediately with my local printer so payment is taken now to cover those costs. 
  • Can I order anything else with a pre-order? Yes, but those items will ship seperately if it is a non printed item. I am shipping 1-2 times in the lead up to launch. 
  • When will my order ship? All pre-ordered pieces will be going out 7-10 days after you order. It will be sent right from the printer to your provided address. I am doing a pre-order so my printer can get a jump start on these orderes and this will arrive faster for you. 
  • What happens if I don't pre-order? Pre-orders are for those of you who would like to secure your goodies before launch night. I am also offering free shipping for pre-orders. If you order on launch night shipping will be charged. 
  • Will anything else be on pre-order? Not at this time! As always, many of items are small batch so I make and create a ceratin amount for each launch. Everything will go up at the same time so everyone has an equal chance. 
  • Will these items still be available on launch night if I don't pre-order? Yes! But free shipping will not longer be applied and your sweatshirt and tee orders. 

If you have any other questions please let me know via email at or by DM. 

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