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Winter Tales Collection: Mood Board

Winter Tales Collection: Mood Board

| Marisa Woods

Re-entry into real life after a month visiting my family in New York was hard. We got back from the US on January 5th and like every other small business it was a process of picking up creatively after the holidays, filing taxes, and making sure my budget and ideas for the year were all going to work!

Of course I decided to throw the first wrench in my plans because I HATED my first launch concept. I had an adorable launch planned with florals and gorgeous fabrics but Scottish winter is no joke on the darkness and rain front and instead of pushing against it so badly I just wanted to give in to her moody ways! So I re-purchased new fabric and started a new mood board.

The collection Winter Tales was born!



The collection is all about waiting for spring to pop her head up. To embrace the dark early nights and tell magical winter tales around the fire or cozied up in our blankets. Winter is magical she's just a bit of a Scorpio if I am honest.

The mood board is a collection of images I use to feel out fabric colors, themes, and overall feeling I want to evoke for a collection. So I keep these in my head while I am playing around with what I want to stock or create in the shop. It allows me to say no to a lot of things I love and to curate very intentionally. As you tell, there will forever and always be witchy vibes. I got you!

The full collection will be launching on February 13th at 8PM GMT and I will be sharing loads of sneak peeks starting next week!  


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