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Highland + Honey: All About The New Brand Name!

Highland + Honey: All About The New Brand Name!

| Marisa Woods

OMG, right?! A new fabulous shop name! I've been keeping this a secret for about a year! I can't believe the day is finally here. 

Last year I launched a new autumn line that was more in tune with my own aesthetic. I wanted create a store that I would shop at, visit, and swoon over. The way I illustrated and prodcued work has totallt changed and it makes me so excited to show up to work everyday. I've been growing ever since that moment to create a unique and boho space for my sationery and curated goodies. There was just one thing missing, a name that also fit. 

A couple months ago I called my sister (branding guru and all around sass) and told her I was ready. I wanted  to re-name my shop and I was terrified. This is a one time kinda thing to do. She said game on, and I kept bothering her and floating a million new names. 

The name Highland + Honey feels like the perfect fit. I wanted my shop name to be a nod to where I come from and where I want to be.

I am originally from a small lake town in Central new York and I grew up hiking with all the trees around me so I loved the idea that my love of nature, natural, handmade, trees, and mountains could represent my hometown in New York and also the beautiful Scottish land I live on now. Adam and I would love to live back in the country and I felt that any move we did would be back to some some magical highland. 

I also didn't want to leave my bee love behind! For me, investing in your home and your space is added honey. Adding a bit of sweetness to your space is important and makes your house a home. It also is a nod to not really leaving the roots of The Fuzzy Bee behind. It is just a more mature, boho kinda bee! 

I am so excited to share some of the branding pieces I have been working away on. I have a new logo (say what!), branding colors, branding icons, and more. I am sharing it all today and I am DYING to see what you guys think. 


Highland + Honey: Learn About The New Brand Name

Highland + Honey: Learn About The New Brand Name



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